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Grand Canyon

Source: PBS Kids: Wilson and Ditch Video

Learn that natural forces carved out the Grand Canyon over thousands of years. Observe the magnificence of the canyon with Wilson and Ditch as they gaze at it from the skywalk. Details »

Sleepy Hollow

Source: PBS Kids: Wilson and Ditch Video

Visit the town of Sleepy Hollow, New York on Halloween with Wilson and Ditch for trick-or-treating and fun scares. Discover that the legend of the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow originates from Washington Irving's story rather than a historic event. Details »

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/30/egypt-revolution-2011_n_816026.html I found this a little helpful :) more »

Check out this music video for an udated version of one two buckle my shoe. It is a great way ... more »

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Professional Development

Discover the power of author studies to motivate students to read and write. This course uses a problem-based approach to teach the techniques of conducting an author study integrating technology and the Internet. Explore author and other Web sites to collect resources that will introduce your students to many genres.

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Survey on Media and Technology Use

February 2011

Arlington, VA (February 2, 2011) – Just released, PBS and Grunwald Associates LLC national research report on teacher’s media usage, entitled "Deepening Commitment: Teachers Increasingly Rely on Media and Technology," reflects a deepening commitment to media and digital technology that connect teachers and their students to educational resources. With each passing year, teachers' reliance on media and technology for classroom instruction and student engagement is increasing. Teachers value digital media as instructional resources that help them engage student interest, promote creativity and differentiate instruction.   more »

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Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders

Investigate how immigration, assimilation, discrimination, prejudice and pride are all part of the history of interaction between the predominant American culture and Asian Americans.

Technology and Ethics

Examine controversial issues brought about by technological advances in genetics, cloning, stem cell research, and reproductive medicine, and discuss the ethical issues behind the controversies.

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