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vid||||Coming Up on American Experience|The season begins January 18, 2010|Show Schedule||;vid||||Influenza 1918|The worst epidemic in American history killed over 600,000 Americans|Watch Online|01.18.10|9/8 c;vid||||Wyatt Earp|The life and legend of the western lawman.|Watch Trailer|01.25.10|9/8 c;vid||||The Donner Party|A fateful westward journey culminates in death and cannibalism.|Learn More|02.01.10|9/8 c;img||||The Bombing of Germany|American WWII forces face a moral and strategic dilemma.|Coming Soon|02.08.10|9/8 c;vid||||The Kennedys|A saga of ambition, wealth, family loyalty and personal tragedy.|Watch Online|02.15.10|9/8 c

Sundance Film Festival

Freedom Riders is in competition

An American Experience film premieres in Utah

Threat of influenza