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Frequently Asked Questions


AMERICAN EXPERIENCE programs are broadcast nationally on PBS on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Use the Check Local Listings tool on this page, at lower right, to enter your zip code and get local listings. Or you can contact your local PBS station to check local listings and to find out if a program will be rebroadcast in your area after the initial national broadcast. You can also find AMERICAN EXPERIENCE on digital cable on PBS WORLD and On Demand, where available.


Yes! Use the Watch Films Online link at the top of this page to find and watch AMERICAN EXPERIENCE programs online. We attempt to clear rights for online streaming in order to offer as many programs as possible.

What's coming up on AMERICAN EXPERIENCE?

The Broadcast Schedule section of the Web site, linked at the top of this page, is updated frequently. It lists national airdates, but be sure to check your local PBS station’s broadcast schedule or use the Check Local Listings tool on this page, at lower right, for definitive information on when a program will air in your community.

What are AMERICAN EXPERIENCE podcasts? Where do I get them?

Access to extraordinary audio moments from the programs, in-depth interviews with film producers and participants, and more. Follow the Stories to Go link, at lower right on this page, to listen to or download AMERICAN EXPERIENCE podcasts.

Can I buy AMERICAN EXPERIENCE programs on DVD?

Yes! To buy a DVD of a recently aired program, go to ShopPBS, via the links at the top and bottom of most pages on this site. Educators and Librarians: you can order additional titles through ShopPBS for Teachers. If ShopPBS does not list a particular title, it is most likely out of print. Check your local library, or send an e-mail to ShopPBS to let PBS know there is a demand for the title.

Why are some programs not available?

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE programs contain images, footage, music and performances that are licensed for home video distribution for specific terms. After the licenses expire, we are no longer permitted to sell the programs.

How do I license AMERICAN EXPERIENCE footage for my film?

Original footage from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE programs is available for licensing to professional producers or publishers through WGBH Stock Sales. Visit their Web site at www.wgbhstocksales.org or contact them by phone or email at 617-300-3939 or stock_sales@wgbh.org.

How can I contact the producer of an American Experience film?

To contact a producer, a historian or the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE production staff, send an e-mail using the Contact Us link on the bottom of any page on this site. You may also send a letter to: WGBH Educational Foundation, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, One Guest Street, Boston, MA 02135. We will forward the email or letter for you.

Where can I send a program proposal?

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE looks for good dramatic stories out of the American past, stories about people both ordinary and extraordinary, about events that helped define who we are as Americans and why we are the way we are. We accept completed films and works-in-progress (including films in production, films at rough cut and films with substantial funding in-hand.) We are not currently accepting proposals for film ideas.

Can I use an image from the American Experience Web site?

According to copyright law, you may not use an image found on any Web site without obtaining permission from the image’s owner. AMERICAN EXPERIENCE does not own the rights to most of the images on this site. The series makes arrangements with image owners to use the images with their permission. You can do the same; contact the owner of the image that interests you to find out what is required. Many AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Web sites include the name of the source next to each image.

Who composed the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE theme music? Can I get a copy?

The series’ original theme music was composed by Charles Kuskin and the series adaptation was produced by Michael Bacon. Most of the music from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE films, including the series theme music, is not available for purchase, but you can check the film credits for a particular film (under the Film Description in the Film & More section, or in the About/Watch the Program section, of the Web site) for more information on the music used in a particular film.