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an ordinary crime: watch the complete program in seven consecutive chapters

1. The Crime
An armed robbery in  North Carolina ends in the near fatal shooting of one of the three victims, Alice Wise.  Shot in the chest and head, she survives, but loses an eye.

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2. A Strange Turn in the Story
Police apprehend a suspect who names two accomplices - one known only by his first name, Terence. In their search for Terence, the police investigation is strange and flawed.

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3. 'You've Got the Wrong Guy'
Terence Garner, 16, is charged. Co-perpetrators Riddick and Henderson tell their lawyers Garner is innocent. But Riddick cops a plea; prosecutors structure a deal in which they know he's lying.

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Winner of the 2002 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award
for its "substantive, methodical presentation of facts" which provoked a public outcry that eventually led to Terence Garner's release only one month after the program was broadcast.

Winner of the 2003 Sidney Hillman Foundation Award
honoring journalists who pursue social justice and public policy for the common good.

4. The Trial
Co-perpetrator Henderson testifies Garner is innocent, but the case hinges on eyewitness testimony. Alice Wise is adamant Garner tried to kill her. He is sentenced to 32-43 years in prison.

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5. Another Bizarre Twist
Just two days after Garner's sentencing, a man named Terence Deloach confesses to the crime. Once again, it all started with Henderson.

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6. The Hearing for a New Trial
Deloach takes the fifth having recanted his confession. Riddick takes the fifth to hide his perjury. The eyewitnesses again testify. After the hearing, Judge Jenkins denies a new trial.

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7. Appeal Denied
The Appeals Court upholds the judge, saying the white eyewitnesses' testimony was unequivocal and the jury would have believed them no matter what. The state Supreme Court refuses to review the case.

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