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david fanning

In 1969, Hillary Rodham Clinton and 400 other smart, confident, privileged classmates graduated from Wellesley College. It was the dawn of the women's movement and they entered a world that for the first time was opening its doors to women. So what happened to this historic generation of women over the next quarter of a century? On the occasion of their 25th reunion in 1994, "Hillary's Class" profiles members of the Wellesley Class of '69 as they look back and reflect on the choices they made and how those choices affected their lives.

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chapter one: 'the cream of the cream'
Diligent, well-behaved, high-achieving students, the Wellesley Class of '69 arrives on a campus that still follows the rigid social rules of their mother's and grandmother's day.
chapter two: 'Graduating at the Dawn of a New Era
The upheavals of the '60s come slowly to Wellesley, but students like Hillary Rodham push for change. She tells fellow graduates, Demand the impossible. We will settle for nothing less.
chapter three: being 'the first'
The Class of '69 seizes on new careers opening up to women.  But their choices soon turn into struggles to balance work, family and having it all.
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chapter four: 15th Reunion:  Changes
Their 10th reunion had been filled with optimism and confidence. But at the 15th, five years later, there's a new, marked complexity in the women's lives, and much more uncertainty.
chapter five: At Midpoint in Their Journey
As their 25th reunion nears, the women reflect on how their expectations have measured up to reality. Some are content, and one is at the threshold of a whole new life.
chapter six: The 25th Reunion
A quarter century after they set out to change the world, the Wellesley Class of '69 say they're still trying to figure it out  and worry about their legacy for the next generation of women.
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Often engaging and never dogmatic, ['Hillary's Class'] becomes an intimate illustration of the sweet-and-sour contradictions of social progress. - The Boston Globe
'Hillary's Class' is a small but astonishing window onto modern womanhood's first wave. - The Atlanta Constitution

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