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Binaries for other systems

We do not distribute UNIX/Linux binaries. Most Linux distributions come with PHP these days, so if you do not want to compile your own, go to your distribution's download site. Binaries available on external servers:

Development and archive versions

Regular source and binary snapshots are available from These are not intended for production use!

To download the very latest development version, see the instructions on using SVN

Information about older releases and their downloads are available on our releases page.

Other Downloads

PEAR packages, PECL hosted PHP extensions and PHP-GTK source and binaries are available on their own pages.

For downloadable PHP manual packages, go to the documentation download page.

Get some PHP logos for your site, and some PHP icons to use on your computer.

PHP 5.3.5

Complete Source Code

Windows Binaries

PHP 5.2.17

Complete Source Code

Windows Binaries

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