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Tell Congress: Save Birth Control Now!

Birth control is basic health care, and all women and men deserve access to the preventive services that can help them make responsible decisions about their lives and their futures. Yet Planned Parenthood is facing a series of escalating attacks on our services and the individuals we serve. We need your help to protect access to affordable health care.
  • Due to a legislative error, the cost of birth control is skyrocketing for college students and low-income women in some places women are paying 900 percent more for birth control than they were just a few months ago. This mistake needs to be corrected immediately. Congress must act now to restore birth control to affordable levels. Read more or take action today.  

  • The Bush administration has appointed radically anti-birth control Susan Orr to lead the U.S. family planning program. Congressional leaders have stepped up on this issue to demand that President Bush replace Orr with someone qualified and committed to family planning. Join the Planned Parenthood Action Network to learn how you can help protect the health and safety of all women.

Published: 11.13.07