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Press Releases

Use the links below to read Planned Parenthood’s most recent press releases.  For media inquiries, please contact us at 212-261-4650 or 202-973-4882.

01.01.08 | January is National Cervical Cancer Screening Month
12.27.07 | Planned Parenthood Scores Victories in Signed Budget Bill
12.26.07 | PPFA President Statement on Planned Parenthood of New Mexico Arson
12.20.07 | Planned Parenthood Statement on CDC Sex Ed Study
12.20.07 | Planned Parenthood Praises New Mexico’s Rejection of Federal Funds For Wasteful Abstinence-Only Programs
12.19.07 | Planned Parenthood Scores Two Legislative Victories in Budget Bill
12.07.07 | Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards on New Mexico Clinic Arson
12.05.07 | PPFA President Statement on CDC Report on Teen Birth Rate
11.28.07 | World AIDS Day Highlights Importance of Prevention
11.15.07 | Global Nonprofit Planned Parenthood Celebrates National Philanthropy Day
11.13.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds Senators Obama, McCaskill, Kennedy and Murray for leadership on Prevention Through Affordable Access Act
11.13.07 | President Vetoes Preventive Health Care for Women
11.08.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds Congressional Expansion of Family Planning
11.07.07 | Nation's Leading Reproductive Health Care Advocate and Provider Calls for End to Abstinence-Only Federal Funding
10.23.07 | Planned Parenthood Mourns the Death of Griswold v. Connecticut Attorney Catherine Roraback
10.19.07 | Phill Kline Continues Political Crusade Against Women's Health
10.18.07 | Congressional Leaders Join Planned Parenthood in Calling For Replacement of Anti-Family Planning Advocate to Head Nation’s Family Planning Program
10.18.07 | Phill Kline Continues Assault On Planned Parenthood
10.17.07 | Planned Parenthood Calls on Bush to Replace Anti-Birth Control Extremist Orr
10.15.07 | Planned Parenthood Supports Bill to Study Postpartum Depression
10.02.07 | Planned Parenthood Opens Aurora Health Center
09.27.07 | Planned Parenthood Praises Passage of Children’s Health Care Bill
09.20.07 | Statement of Steve Trombley President and CEO, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area September 20, 2007
09.20.07 | Planned Parenthood Responds to Aurora, IL, Ruling
09.17.07 | Statement of Steve Trombley President and CEO, Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area September 17, 2007
09.13.07 | Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area Seeks Federal Court Order Allowing Aurora Health Center to Open as Scheduled on September 18th
08.27.07 | Planned Parenthood Urges Bush Administration To Appoint an Attorney General Who Will Stand Up For Women’s Health and Protect Privacy Rights
08.24.07 | One Year After Over-the-Counter Approval, Planned Parenthood Continues Campaign to Ensure Access to Emergency Contraception
08.24.07 | Court Ruling Protects Patient Privacy
08.02.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds House For Supporting Children and Women’s Health
07.27.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds House Vote to Support Women’s Health and Prevention Services
07.19.07 | Congress Stands Up for Women’s Health
07.13.07 | Opinion Survey Shows Broad Support in U.S. for Action to Bolster Reproductive Health Care
07.11.07 | Planned Parenthood Calls on Surgeon General Nominee to Pledge Support For Science, Women’s Health and Safety
06.28.07 | Attorney General Ends Inquisition into Medical Records
06.27.07 | Outrage Grows at Refusal of CBS and FOX to Broadcast Condom Ad
06.27.07 | Letter to CBS President and CEO Mr. Leslie Moonves
06.27.07 | Letter to FOX President of Entertainment Mr. Peter Liguori
06.25.07 | Planned Parenthood Federation of America Welcomes Ellen Golombek, New Vice President for External Affairs
06.21.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds House Vote to Support International Family Planning
06.18.07 | Planned Parenthood Criticizes FOX and CBS Networks for Refusing to Broadcast Condom Ad
06.13.07 | Prevention First is Focus of Planned Parenthood Services
06.07.07 | PPFA Celebrates Griswold Decision
06.06.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds House and Senate Introduction of ABC Act
05.25.07 | Planned Parenthood Calls on Newly Nominated U.S. Surgeon General To Promote Prevention; Respect and Protect Women’s Health
05.22.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds FDA Approval of Lybrel
05.17.07 | Planned Parenthood Calls on Congress to Pass Community Health Care Workers Act
05.04.07 | Missouri Supreme Court Rules on Teen Health Endangerment Laws
04.25.07 | Planned Parenthood Announces 2007 Maggie Award Winners
04.24.07 | Planned Parenthood Activists Protest Supreme Court Decision On Wednesday, April 25
04.19.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds Introduction of Freedom of Choice Act
04.18.07 | U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Federal Abortion Ban
04.17.07 | Planned Parenthood Celebrates National Volunteer Week
04.13.07 | Planned Parenthood Calls on Congress to Get REAL About Abstinence
04.09.07 | Planned Parenthood Calls on Congress To Support Family Planning
04.04.07 | Planned Parenthood Activists Nationwide Get Wal-Mart to Change Its Birth Control Policy at Pharmacies: Emergency Contraception Will Be Stocked and Dispensed Without Discrimination or Delay
04.02.07 | Another Anti-Sex Education, Anti-Choice Bush Appointee Steps Down
03.30.07 | Planned Parenthood Teen Summit Trains Young Activists to Stand Up for Sex Education and Health Care
03.30.07 | Planned Parenthood Calls on Bush Administration To Replace Anti-Birth Control Advocate Keroack With Qualified, Pro-Family Planning Public Health Expert
03.30.07 | Planned Parenthood Honors Outstanding Affiliates and Volunteers with Annual Excellence Awards
03.30.07 | Planned Parenthood Honors Reproductive Rights Champions at Celebrity-Studded Gala Event
03.29.07 | Bush Administration Appointee Keroack Was Unqualified to Run American's Family Planning Program
03.29.07 | Planned Parenthood and Clergy Examine “Religion, Politics and Reproductive Justice” at Annual Interfaith Clergy Breakfast
03.23.07 | Governor Haley Barbour Jeopardizes the Future of Women’s Health in Mississippi
03.22.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds House and Senate Introduction of REAL Act
03.16.07 | Eighth Circuit Upholds Excluding Birth Control from Health Care Plans
02.21.07 | Planned Parenthood Federation of America Introduces the Pro-Choice Cell Phone Powered by Working Assets
02.13.07 | Planned Parenthood Holds Nationwide Demonstrations On February 13
02.05.07 | Planned Parenthood Applauds Introduction of Prevention First Act in U.S. House of Representatives
02.05.07 | President's Budget Proposal Ignores America's Family Planning Needs
02.01.07 | Planned Parenthood Mourns the Death of Columnist Molly Ivins
01.24.07 | Planned Parenthood Calls on Bush Administration To Rethink Health Care Proposal
01.22.07 | Planned Parenthood Sets Prevention-First Health Care Agenda
01.02.07 | Planned Parenthood Launches Campaign for Expanded Access to Birth Control, Highlights Appointment of Eric Keroack as Bad Medicine
12.21.06 | Opposition to Bush’s Anti-Birth Control Appointee Grows
12.05.06 | Free Emergency Contraception Available At Hundreds of Planned Parenthood Health Centers on Dec. 6
11.21.06 | Planned Parenthood Calls on Secretary Leavitt to Pull Keroack
11.16.06 | Bush Appointment of Anti-Birth Control Advocate to Key Health Post Shows Disregard for the Health and Safety of Underserved Communities
11.08.06 | Planned Parenthood Asks Supreme Court to Protect Women's Health in Case Challenging Federal Abortion Ban
10.19.06 | HotSpots (Security Briefings): September 2006
10.06.06 | Planned Parenthood Joins Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
10.05.06 | More than 3,000 Activists Raise Funds To Fight South Dakota Abortion Ban
09.29.06 | Teen Endangerment Act Stalled in Congress
09.28.06 | Activists Across the Nation Hold Potluck Fundraisers to Fight South Dakota Abortion Ban
09.26.06 | House Passes Teen Endangerment Act
09.14.06 | The Nation Mourns the Passing of Governor Ann W. Richards (1933 – 2006)
09.06.06 | Abstinence-Only Harms HIV Prevention
08.24.06 | Emergency Contraception OTC
08.01.06 | Senators Question FDA Politics
07.31.06 | FDA May Move on Plan B
07.25.06 | Dangerous Family Restriction Act
07.21.06 | Stop Funding Dangerous Programs
07.18.06 | FDA Approves Implanon
07.17.06 | "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" Report
07.11.06 | Award-Winning® Web Site Enhanced by New Design
06.29.06 | HPV Recommendations
06.29.06 | Protect Medicaid Patients
06.29.06 | HPV Immunization
06.21.06 | Condoms Help Prevent HPV
06.19.06 | U.S. Supreme Court to Review Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood
06.17.06 | La. Will Criminalize Abortion
06.17.06 | Louisiana Criminalizes Abortion
06.14.06 | Support Teen Health and Safety
06.08.06 | Cancer Vaccine Approved
06.07.06 | Discrimination Amendment Fails
06.02.06 | La. Gov. Supports Abortion Ban
05.30.06 | Signatures Filed in South Dakota
05.25.06 | House Blocks UNFPA Funds
05.18.06 | HPV Vaccine
05.15.06 | Support Contraceptive Access
05.12.06 | More Questions in FDA Delay on EC
05.11.06 | HIMMAA Defeated
05.10.06 | Senators Stand Up for Prevention
05.09.06 | Oppose "Lose Your Benefits Bill"
05.08.06 | PPFA Supports EC Campaign
04.20.06 |® Is Webby Nominee
04.07.06 | The Freedom of Choice Act
04.04.06 | Flaws of Global Abstinence-Until-Marriage Programs
03.31.06 | Nationally Recognized Rev. Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite Keynotes Planned Parenthood Interfaith Prayer Breakfast
03.31.06 | Planned Parenthood Honors Outstanding Affiliates And Volunteers with Annual Excellence Awards
03.30.06 | Planned Parenthood Honors Dedication to Women's Health and Rights
03.30.06 | Representatives from 43 States Demand Congress Protect Women's Health and Rights
03.24.06 | Effort to Repeal SD Abortion Ban
03.20.06 | Declaración de Vanessa Cullins, MD, MPH Vicepresidenta de Asuntos Médicos Planned Parenthood Federation of America
03.20.06 | Servicios de abortos inducidos por medicamentos con mifepristona en Planned Parenthood
03.17.06 | Mifepristone Medication Abortion Services at Planned Parenthood
03.17.06 | A Statement from PPFA
03.15.06 | Women's Health Benefits at Stake
03.15.06 | The Lose Your Benefits Bill
03.14.06 | Michigan Abortion Ban Put on Hold While Challenge Proceeds
03.09.06 | Planned Parenthood Activists in 33 Cities Will Demonstrate Thursday, March 9, in National Day of Solidarity
03.08.06 | Harmful Health Bill Introduced
03.08.06 | Clinics Stay Open
03.06.06 | SD Governor Signs Abortion Ban
02.28.06 | Contraceptive Access Lags
02.22.06 | South Dakota Bans Abortion
02.21.06 | Court Takes Abortion Ban Case
02.16.06 | EC on Boston Legal
02.14.06 | MA Pharmacy Board Rules on EC
02.13.06 | PPFA's Comments to the FDA on Condom Labeling
02.13.06 | Science First on Condom Label
02.03.06 | Victory for Medical Privacy
02.03.06 | EC Access at Wal-Mart Demanded
01.31.06 | Court Strikes Down Abortion Ban
01.31.06 | Real State of the Union
01.31.06 | Alito Confirmed to Supreme Court
01.24.06 | PPFA Urges Senate to Reject Alito
01.18.06 | Court Ruling in Ayotte Case
01.13.06 | New Anti-Alito Ad Launched
01.09.06 | PPFA Announces Next President
01.05.06 | Federal Abortion Ban and Alito
01.05.06 | "Crony" Bypasses Congress
12.22.05 | Congress Cuts Family Planning
12.21.05 | DOJ Refuses FOIA
12.21.05 | The Year in Review
12.08.05 | Move to Repeal Global Gag Rule
12.02.05 | Alito Memo, Strategy to Gut Roe
11.30.05 | Statement on Ayotte Supreme Court Hearing
11.30.05 | Supreme Court Hears Abortion Case
11.28.05 | Missouri Abortion Ban Struck Down
11.21.05 | FDA Should Stick to Science
11.17.05 | Missouri Judge Upholds New Abortion Law
11.17.05 | Target's Pharmacist Refusal Policy
11.14.05 | FDA Decision on EC Was Political
11.14.05 | Alito on Constitution and Abortion
11.10.05 | Target Takes Aim at Women
11.09.05 | Voters Protect Teen Safety
11.03.05 | Planned Parenthood Applauds Bi-Partisan Effort to Bring Emergency Contraception Over the Counter
11.02.05 | Poll on Judge Samuel Alito
10.31.05 | Bush Nominates Samuel Alito
10.27.05 | Miers Withdraws Nomination
10.21.05 | Planned Parenthood Federation of America Maggie Awards 2006
10.20.05 | PPFA Challenges Federal Abortion Ban
10.19.05 | Sex Ed Video Breaks New Ground on Body Image
10.17.05 | WSJ: Miers Would Overturn Roe
10.12.05 | Standing Up for Women's Health
10.03.05 | Miers Nominated to Court
09.29.05 | Judge Roberts Confirmed
09.29.05 | Albertsons Censors Seventeen
09.27.05 | State Judge Blocks Governor Blunt's New Abortion Law
09.23.05 | Grant Assists Victims of Katrina
09.23.05 | Commissioner of FDA Resigns
09.22.05 | Katrina Evacuees Qualify for Free Birth Control and Other Reproductive Health Care Services
09.22.05 | Missouri Judge Hears Case Against Teen Endangerment Law
09.22.05 | Dismay over Vote on Roberts
09.16.05 | Bush Administration Withholds UNFPA Funding for Fourth Consecutive Year
09.15.05 | Testimony of Karen Pearl
09.15.05 | Planned Parenthood Sues State Over Health Endangerment Law
09.14.05 | Planned Parenthood Press Conference Announcing Opposition to the Nomination of John Roberts as Chief Justice of the United States
09.12.05 | Planned Parenthood Delivers 100,000 Petitions to Senate Judiciary Committee Affirming Support for Roe v. Wade
09.08.05 | Planned Parenthood Will Assist Hurricane Victims in New Mexico
09.08.05 | Photos: Press Conference Regarding Medical Privacy Hearing in Kansas
09.08.05 | Planned Parenthood of Indiana Offers Help to Victims of Hurricane Katrina
09.08.05 | Medical Privacy Hearing in KS
09.08.05 | PPFA Demands Documents
09.06.05 | Role of Chief Justice Too Important for a Nominee Who Has Not Expressed Support for Women's Health and Safety
09.04.05 | Statement on Passing of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist
09.02.05 | Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region Offers Help to the Women Affected by Hurricane Katrina
09.02.05 | PPFA to Testify at Court Hearings
09.02.05 | Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando Offers Help to the Women Affected by Hurricane Katrina
09.02.05 | Planned Parenthood Heart of Illinois Offers Help to the Women Affected by Hurricane Katrina
09.02.05 | Planned Parenthood of Nebraska & Council Bluffs Responds to Hurricane Refugees with Free Services
09.02.05 | Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee Offers Help to Women Affected by Hurricane Katrina
08.31.05 | FDA Official Resigns
08.30.05 | Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas Offers Free Birth Control and Emergency Contraception to Women Fleeing Hurricane Katrina
08.26.05 | FDA Delay On EC
08.26.05 | FDA Defers Decision on Plan B Over-the-Counter Application
08.24.05 | Prepared Remarks of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
08.22.05 | COWC Files Federal Suit to Protect Patients Records
08.16.05 | Illinois Rules on Access
08.09.05 | Ayotte Case Could Jeopardize Women's Health and Safety
08.05.05 | Attorney General Refusal to Provide Roberts Documents Impedes Nomination Process
08.03.05 | Americans Want to Know: Will Judge John Roberts Uphold Protections for Women's Health and Safety?
08.03.05 | Roberts's Paper Trail Indicates Bias Against Right to Privacy
08.02.05 | Grave Concerns over Role of Roberts in Bray v. Alexandria
07.25.05 | Committee Hearing Highlights Disturbing Trend of Pharmacists Who Refuse to Fill Prescriptions
07.22.05 | Evasive and Non-Responsive on the Right to Choose: Judge John Roberts During His Confirmation to the D.C. Circuit
07.20.05 | Senate Stands up for Women Around the World
07.20.05 | Planned Parenthood President, Republicans for Choice, and Dozens of Pro-Choice Leaders Rallying at Supreme Court Today at 8 a.m.
07.15.05 | Long Overdue FDA Decision on EC to Arrive in September
07.15.05 | PPFA Expresses Concern on Nomination of Roberts to Court
07.15.05 | PPFA Welcomes New Vice President for Public Policy
07.12.05 | Access to EC Does Not Increase Incidence of Unprotected Sex
07.12.05 | Photos: High-Profile PPFA Supporters Voice Concerns About Court
07.08.05 | High-Profile PPFA Supporters Voice Concerns About Court
07.05.05 | The Supreme Court Without O'Connor
07.01.05 | Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's Resignation Letter
07.01.05 | PPFA Urges Selection of Fair-Minded Nominees
07.01.05 | O'Connor Resignation Creates Ominous Court Vacancy
06.27.05 | PPFA Activists Mobilize in Front of Supreme Court
06.27.05 | Activists Mobilize at Supreme Court to Protect Women
06.23.05 | Law Endangering Young Women Challenged in Federal Court
06.16.05 | House Vote Shows Disregard for Women Around the World
06.14.05 | Questions Loom Over Nominee for Top Job at FDA
06.14.05 | Planned Parenthood Wins Appeal to Protect Patients' Privacy
06.14.05 | Mathematica Study and Abstinence-Only Education
06.13.05 | FlickerLab Hits the Funny Bone With Online Entertainment for Planned Parenthood: How Pregnancy Happens
06.09.05 | Karen Pearl Statement on Confirmation of Pryor
06.08.05 | Planned Parenthood Urges Senate to Defeat Confirmation of Brown
06.08.05 | Planned Parenthood Calls for Pryor's Defeat
06.06.05 | Planned Parenthood Celebrates 40 Years of Protected Birth Control
06.06.05 | Planned Parenthood Sues to Protect South Dakota Women
06.03.05 | Giant Pill Will Visit the Hill on June 7 to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court Ruling that Protected Use of Birth Control Nationwide
05.31.05 | Planned Parenthood of Indiana Decries Court Decision on Medical Privacy
05.25.05 | Survey of Top Pharmacy Chains' Policies on Pharmacist Refusals
05.25.05 | Karen Pearl Statement on Confirmation of Owen
05.24.05 | "Compromise" Paves Way For Vote on Extremist Nominee Owen
05.23.05 | Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Access to Abortion
05.23.05 | Senate Compromises on Judicial Nominees
05.20.05 | Activists Taking Action Against Nuclear Option
05.12.05 | Dr. Hager Played Central Role in Rejection of OTC Status for Plan B
05.03.05 | Teen Allowed Safe Access to Private Medical Care
04.29.05 | Congress' Budget Neglects Most Vulnerable Americans
04.28.05 | Judge Delays Ruling on Teen's Right to Abortion
04.22.05 | Frist Appearance Exploits Religion for Political Gain
04.18.05 | Approval of Today Sponge Offers Women More Choices
04.15.05 | Planned Parenthood Honors Outstanding Affiliates and Activists
04.14.05 | Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson Keynotes Planned Parenthood Interfaith Prayer Breakfast
04.13.05 | PPFA Honors Dedication to Women's Health and Rights
04.08.05 | Statement by PPFA Interim President Karen Pearl on Eric Rudolph's Guilty Plea
04.05.05 | Senate Votes to Overturn Devastating Global Gag Rule
04.01.05 | In Victory for Women, Illinois Governor Issues Emergency Rule Ensuring Contraceptive Access
04.01.05 | Coalition of More Than 100 Organizations Condemns Department of Health and Human Services' New Web Site
04.01.05 | Court Victory in Class Action Contraceptive Equity Suit
03.28.05 | Planned Parenthood Scores Major Supreme Court Victory
03.18.05 | Reid-Clinton Amendment Derailed by Anti-Choice Senators Who Value Ideology Over Prevention
03.17.05 | Bush's Nominee for FDA Commissioner, Crawford, Has Problematic Record
03.17.05 | FDA Commissioner Nominee Crawford Stonewalls Committee About Emergency Contraception During Nomination Hearing
03.17.05 | Generation Choice: Monica Rusk
03.16.05 | Kansas Attorney General Attempts Sweeping Invasion of Medical Privacy
03.16.05 | House of Representatives Approves Three Million Dollars To UNFPA for Tsunami Services
03.16.05 | Senate Introduces a Bi-Partisan Measure To Protect Poor Women and Children's Health and Lives
03.16.05 | Reid-Clinton Prevention Amendment Is Litmus Test for Anti-Choice Senators
03.14.05 | Planned Parenthood of Indiana Files Lawsuit To Block Invasion of Clients' Medical Privacy
03.14.05 | "Best Help for Rape Victims Act" Giant Step Forward For Survivors of Sexual Assault
03.14.05 | Statement from Betty Cockrum President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana
03.08.05 | Senate Fails to Pass Schumer Clinic Violence Amendment
03.02.05 | Research Reveals Gap Widening Among American Women's Family Planning Needs and Government Response
03.01.05 | Women's Health Care Providers Challenge Michigan Law Banning Virtually All Abortions
02.25.05 | Kline slips his agenda into legal opinion
02.25.05 | Open Letter to Planned Parenthood Clients from Karen Pearl
02.22.05 | Supreme Court Rightly Declines to Hear Challenge to Roe v. Wade
02.18.05 | The "Patients' Privacy Protection Act"
02.17.05 | President Bush's Budget Fails to Protect Health of Women and Teens
02.15.05 | Stop the Global War on Condoms
02.15.05 | President Bush Pulls a Scrooge
02.15.05 | Planned Parenthood Criticizes President's Renomination of Extremist Judicial Nominees
02.14.05 | Planned Parenthood Questions Bush's Nomination of Dr. Lester Crawford for Position of FDA Commissioner
02.10.05 | Planned Parenthood Applauds Senator Frank Lautenberg and Representative Barbara Lee for Introducing "REAL" Act
02.07.05 | President Bush Risks Teen Lives by Increasing Funding For Dangerous Abstinence-Only Education
02.04.05 | Planned Parenthood VP of Public Policy Susanne Martinez to Retire in Spring 2005
02.01.05 | Statement by Gloria Feldt Regarding Her Resignation as President of PPFA
01.26.05 | FDA Folds to Anti-Choice Politics, Delays Decision on Over-the-Counter Status for Plan B Emergency Contraception
01.24.05 | Supreme Court Lets Stand Lower Court Decision in Planned Parenthood's Challenge to South Carolina Anti-Choice License Plates
01.24.05 | "Prevention First Act" Historic Advance for Women's Health
01.21.05 | Gloria Feldt to Nation: Stand Up for Choice
01.13.05 | Want To Prevent 800,000 Abortions a Year?
01.10.05 | Speech by Gloria Feldt, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America
01.05.05 | U.S. Department of Justice Again Turns Its Back On the Rights of Women
01.05.05 | Planned Parenthood Federation of America Maggie Awards 2005
01.01.05 | Ad Campaign
01.01.05 | Ad Campaign
01.01.05 | Privacy Is Everybody's Business Ad Campaign
12.29.04 | Planned Parenthood Federation of America Statement Regarding the Nomination of Charles W. Pickering, Sr. to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
12.28.04 | Planned Parenthood Expresses Condolences and Concern in the Aftermath of Devastating Tragedy in Asia
12.17.04 | Backfire: Turning Pickets Into Pledges
12.17.04 | An Open Letter to the Democratic National Committee from Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Gloria Feldt Regarding Comments Made by Former Congressman Tim Roemer
12.13.04 | Planned Parenthood Urges HHS Nominee Michael Leavitt to Defend Science and Women's Health
12.10.04 | Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights
12.09.04 | Anti-Choice Judge Charles Pickering Steps Down
11.24.04 | Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down New Hampshire Law Restricting Teens' Access to Abortion
11.22.04 | So-Called "Abortion Non-Discrimination Act" Threatens Women's Health
11.15.04 | Planned Parenthood Comments on Updated Labeling For Medication Abortion Using Mifepristone
10.25.04 | "American Idle" Flash Animation Targets Young Nonvoting Women: "Your Vote Is Your Voice; This Time Use It!"
10.19.04 | 2004 Academy Award Nominee Patricia Clarkson, Joins Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt, and Planned Parenthood of New York City CEO Joan Malin Host Private Screening of Groundbreaking New Film Vera Drake
10.19.04 | Women Have Power to Determine Election
10.18.04 | Helen Hunt and Planned Parenthood Urge Single Women to Vote: "Your Vote Is Your Voice"
09.27.04 | "Choose Life" Plates Unconstitutional
09.08.04 | Ashcroft Strikes Out, Third Federal Court Rules Federal Abortion Ban is Unconstitutional and Cannot Be Enforced
09.01.04 | The Future of Global Women's Health Debated in London Amid Uncertainty of Future U.S. Leadership
08.26.04 | New York Judge Strikes Down Unconstitutional Federal Abortion Ban, Echoing Recent Ruling in San Francisco
08.02.04 | Ashcroft Justice Department Continues Zealous Effort to Enact Dangerous Abortion Ban, Files Appeal in Planned Parenthood Lawsuit
07.21.04 | Planned Parenthood to Launch Ad Campaign Exposing Extremist Views of Bush's Judicial Nominees
07.16.04 | UNFPA Loses Funding Appropriated by Congress in 2003
07.14.04 | Planned Parenthood Applauds U.S. Senate's Rejection Of Federal Marriage Amendment
07.07.04 | Anti-Choice Extremist James Leon Holmes Appointed To Eastern District Of Arkansas
06.28.04 | Re-Appointment Of Dr. David Hager To FDA Committee Is Bad Medicine
06.22.04 | Summary Of District Court Ruling In Planned Parenthood Of America V. Ashcroft
06.22.04 | PPFA President Gloria Feldt Joins Sen. Boxer, Rep. Nadler To Introduce Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA) Hear Gloria's Comments On The Press Conference
06.15.04 | Alan Guttmacher Institute Study Finds Significant Increase In Contraceptive Equity
06.15.04 | Survey Reveals Stark Differences Between Insurance Coverage Of Newer vs. Traditional Reproductive Health Options
06.15.04 | Contraceptive Insurance Coverage Has Improved Dramatically
05.26.04 | Medical Groups Call On FDA To Use Scientific Evidence In Evaluating Availability Of Early Abortion Option
05.19.04 | Canada Stands Up For Good Science, Women's Health
05.19.04 | Waxman-Tierney Amendment On Science And Ideology Fails
05.12.04 | Anti-Choice Fingerprints All Over FDA Ruling On Plan B Emergency Contraception
05.12.04 | Planned Parenthood Teleconference Briefing For Journalists Regarding Emergency Contraception
05.12.04 | Anti-Choice Fingerprints All Over FDA Ruling On Plan B Emergency Contraception
05.06.04 | FDA Corrupts Science With Ideology, Denies Women Essential Access To Plan B Emergency Contraception
04.29.04 | Actions at Karen Hughes Book Signings
04.27.04 | Letter from Gloria Feldt to Karen Hughes
04.25.04 | March For Women's Lives Expected To Draw Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pro-Choice Supporters To Nation's Capital
04.25.04 | March for Women's Lives Expected to Draw Hundreds of Thousands of Pro-Choice Supporters to Nation's Capital
04.24.04 | Ted Turner, The Forum For Women, Law And Development, And K-MET Win PPFA Margaret Sanger Award
04.23.04 | Women's eNews And Working Assets Win 2004 PPFA Maggie Awards
04.23.04 | Rev. Randall Doubet-King Receives Planned Parenthood Davis Award For Distinguished Service
04.23.04 | Women's eNews And Working Assets Win 2004 PPFA Maggie Awards
04.21.04 | "Putting Prevention First Act Of 2004" Would Increase Funding For Critical Preventive Health Care Services
04.20.04 | Ruling Awaited In PPFA v. Ashcroft Federal Abortion Ban Lawsuit
04.16.04 | Interfaith Gathering In Support Of Reproductive Rights
04.13.04 | Gloria Feldt's New Book: The War On Choice: The Right-Wing Attack On Women's Rights
04.12.04 | A Privacy Storm in Storm Lake
04.12.04 | The Constitutional Right to Privacy
04.12.04 | Statement of Gloria Feldt, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
04.09.04 | Doctor testifies that abortion banned under 2003 law is similar to other procedures
04.06.04 | Privacy Is Everybody's Business
04.06.04 | Backgrounder on Medical Privacy and DOJ Subpoenas
04.01.04 | Doctor Sets the Record Straight on Federal Abortion Ban
04.01.04 | President Signs Dangerous Unborn Victims Of Violence Act
03.31.04 | Planned Parenthood Demands CVS Action On Birth Control Prescriptions
03.31.04 | White House Web Site Spoofed For April Fools'
03.30.04 | Trials Open Across Nation on Abortion-Procedure Ban
03.26.04 | Trial Challenging Federal Abortion Ban Starts Monday In San Francisco
03.24.04 | Senate Passes Dangerous Unborn Victims Of Violence Act
03.22.04 | Planned Parenthood Demands CVS Action on Birth Control Prescriptions
03.17.04 | Planned Parenthood, Owner Of "Responsible Choices?" Calls On White House To Cease And Desist
03.10.04 | Letter To Tommy Thompson
03.09.04 | Ashcroft Gunning for Peek at Private Medical Records
03.08.04 | Chaplain Joins Planned Parenthood Federation Of America
03.05.04 | Statement Of Gloria Feldt, President Of Planned Parenthood Federation Of America, On San Francisco Court Ruling Regarding Release Of Medical Records
03.03.04 | Planned Parenthood Applauds Court Decision Upholding California's Contraceptive Equity Act
02.27.04 | A Letter To Planned Parenthood Clients From PPFA President Gloria Feldt
02.26.04 | New Data Backs Comprehensive Sex Ed Programs
02.26.04 | House Passes Dangerous Unborn Victims Of Violence Act
02.23.04 | New Saveroe.Com Web Site To Help Mobilize For Historic April 25 March On Washington
02.23.04 | PPFA President Gloria Feldt Defends NIH Funding of Sexual and Reproductive Health Studies
02.20.04 | Planned Parenthood Condemns Recess Appointment Of William H. Pryor Jr. To The 11th Circuit Court Of Appeals
02.20.04 | Planned Parenthood Condemns Recess Appointment Of William H. Pryor Jr. To The 11th Circuit Court Of Appeals
02.19.04 | Union of Concerned Scientists Report Condemns Bush Administration for Placing Ideology over Science
02.13.04 | FDA Chooses Politics Over Science, Delays Decision on Emergency Contraception
02.13.04 | Planned Parenthood Urges FDA to Make Decision Regarding Plan B Emergency Contraception Based on Science, Not Politics
02.09.04 | Federal Court Approves Settlement Guaranteeing Grocery Workers Coverage for Prescription Birth Control
02.09.04 | A Mother's Promise the World Must Keep
02.05.04 | HHS Budget Request Is Affront to Women's Health Needs
01.22.04 | Celebrate The 31st Anniversary Of Roe V. Wade: PPFA President Gloria Feldt Speaks About The 1973 Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Decision
01.22.04 | Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Jerrold Nadler Introduce "Freedom of Choice Act" - Federal Legislation to Protect Women's Reproductive Rights
01.16.04 | Planned Parenthood Condemns Recess Appointment of Charles Pickering to Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
01.02.04 | Arson Reported on New Year's Day at North Florida Health Care Center, Site of 1994 Murder of Dr. John Bayard Britton and Volunteer Clinic Escort James Barrett
12.29.03 | Medical Providers and Reproductive Rights Groups Applaud Court Decision Overturning New Hampshire Parental Notification for Abortion Law
12.17.03 | "The March for Women's Lives" Unveiled as New Name for March on April 25, 2004
12.16.03 | Planned Parenthood Applauds FDA Panels' Recommendation on Emergency Contraception
12.11.03 | Planned Parenthood Insta al FDA A Aprobar La Disponibilidad del Anticonceptivo de Emergencia Sin Receta Médica
12.10.03 | Planned Parenthood Urges FDA to Make Emergency Contraception Available Over the Counter
12.01.03 | Planned Parenthood Announces Return of Annual "Choice on Earth" Holiday Card
12.01.03 | Planned Parenthood Praises N.Y. State Supreme Court's Ruling Upholding New York's Contraceptive Coverage Law
11.17.03 | Parental Notification Abortion Law Challenged in Court
11.14.03 | Planned Parenthood Applauds Court's Action in Anti-Cyber Piracy Lawsuit
11.14.03 | Planned Parenthood Applauds Senate Success in Blocking Extremist Court Nominees
11.12.03 | Planned Parenthood Praises FBI Capture of Clinic Terrorist
11.11.03 | Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt Named One Of Glamour Magazine's "Women of the Year"
11.06.03 | Nation's Leading Reproductive Health Organization Criticizes Politically-Motivated Legislation Targeting The FDA and Early Medical Abortion Option
11.05.03 | Planned Parenthood Vows to Defeat Bush Action on Unconstitutional Abortion Ban in Courts
11.05.03 | Planned Parenthood Praises Judge's Ruling to Block Unconstitutional Abortion Ban, Awaits Similar Ruling in PPFA v. Ashcroft
10.31.03 | Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit To Block Unconstitutional, Reckless Abortion Ban
10.31.03 | News Advisory: Planned Parenthood to Make Important Announcement Regarding Abortion Ban to be Signed by President Bush
10.30.03 | Planned Parenthood Report Assails Bush Administration Attacks on Birth Control and Family Planning Services
10.21.03 | Planned Parenthood Statement on Abortion Ban
10.02.03 | Planned Parenthood Federation of America Statement Regarding the Nomination of Charles W. Pickering, Sr. to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
09.23.03 | Statement from Planned Parenthood Golden Gate
09.15.03 | Planned Parenthood Vows To Defeat Unconstitutional Abortion Ban
09.04.03 | Planned Parenthood Welcomes Withdrawal of Judicial Nominee Estrada
09.02.03 | Planned Parenthood Reflects on Courage and Commitment Of Dr. John Bayard Britton and His Colleagues
08.29.03 | Bush Expands the Global Gag Rule
08.29.03 | Acclaimed Journalists To Participate In Presidential Candidates Forum On Women's Issues
08.05.03 | Planned Parenthood Wins Injunction Against Dangerous Texas Gag Rule
07.23.03 | Planned Parenthood Federation of America Opposes the Senate Judiciary Committee's Approval of The Nomination of William H. Pryor Jr. to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
07.16.03 | Planned Parenthood to Convene Top Bioethicists, Scientists and Clergy to Explore Public Policy Implications Of Emerging Reproductive Health Technologies
07.10.03 | Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Parental Notification Law in Five to One Ruling, Restores Young Women's Access to Vital Health Care Services
07.09.03 | Planned Parenthood Urges Support for Sen. Boxer's Effort to End Global Gag Rule
07.08.03 | Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) Oppose the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2003"
07.03.03 | Administration's HIV/AIDS Initiative Is Disastrous Public Health Policy
06.30.03 | Judge Grants Temporary Restraining Order to Planned Parenthood
06.30.03 | Planned Parenthood Mourns the Loss of American Icon and Beloved Friend and Advocate Katharine Hepburn
06.27.03 | U.S. Supreme Court Sides with Planned Parenthood Against Terrorists: Leaves Intact Court Holding That "Wanted" Posters Targeting Doctors Are Illegal Threats of Violence
06.26.03 | Planned Parenthood Applauds The Recent Affirmative Action Victory
06.26.03 | Planned Parenthood Applauds U.S. Supreme Court Texas Decision
06.20.03 | Planned Parenthood President Files Cybersquatting Lawsuit Using California Statute Enacted To Protect Celebrity Names
06.04.03 | Planned Parenthood Vows To Defeat Unconstitutional Abortion Ban
05.28.03 | GW Researchers Find School Condom Availability Does Not Increase Sexual Activity
05.23.03 | Policies To Promote Marriage Target Out-Of-Wedlock Births But Ignore Unintended Pregnancy Among Married Women
05.22.03 | U.S Military Women And Military Spouses Should Be Protected, Not Penalized For Serving Overseas
05.19.03 | Senate Betrays Women's Health
05.15.03 | Anti-Contraception Amendment Defeated
05.13.03 | Planned Parenthood VP For Medical Affairs Dr. Vanessa Cullins To Discuss Reproductive Health Issues On, May 14 At 8:00 P.M. EST
05.09.03 | Planned Parenthood Urges Law Enforcement To Bring All Anti-Choice Terrorists To Justice
05.09.03 | Planned Parenthood Federation Of America Statement Regarding The Nomination Of Carolyn Kuhl To The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals
05.05.03 | Planned Parenthood President And Author Gloria Feldt To Discuss Her Book, Behind Every Choice Is A Story On, May 6 At 6:00 P.M. EST
05.01.03 | Planned Parenthood Demands Comprehensive Global Aids Bill
03.24.03 | The Freedom to Fight and the Freedom to Choose
| Planned Parenthood Urges FDA to Make Emergency Contraception Available Over the Counter