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Get Involved: Help Win the Election

Over the past few months, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund worked hard to make sure people know just how disastrous a McCain/Palin administration would be for womenís health.  We've been knocking on doors, calling voters in battleground states, and mobilizing our supporters across the country. 

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Now, in the last weeks before the election, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund is in battleground states like Colorado and Missouri to meet undecided voters and have those critical conversations needed to make sure that Barack Obama and other pro-choice candidates win their elections.

Itís easy for you to get involved. And you donít have to travel. You can do it right now, from your home or from your neighborhood. This is our chance to replace the dangerous policies of the Bush administration that have failed women again and again. Itís our chance to elect a president who will protect choice, protect womenís health care, and protect equal rights.

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