Due to a technical error by Congress, the cost of birth control has risen by as much as 900 percent for millions of American women.


Keeping Birth Control Affordable

Join Planned Parenthood and fight to save affordable birth control for millions of women.

All people deserve access to preventive family planning services that can help them plan when and whether to have children and make responsible decisions about their health, their lives, and their futures.

Yet, for many women, access to reliable methods of family planning is increasingly difficult. Because of a technical error made by Congress in 2005, the cost of birth control in many health centers and college campuses is rising as much as 900 percent over what it was a short time ago. Women who were paying $5 to $10 per month are now paying $40 to $50 for the same prescription. For the college students and low-income women affected by this cost hike, that's no small matter.

  • Key Players

    • Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY)

      Yay: Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)

      Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY)

      Cosponsored legislation that would restore affordable birth control for millions of low-income women and college students. 

    • Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle

      Yay: Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle 

      Signed a measure to ensure access to emergency contraception in hospital emergency rooms in 2008!

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