Play chess online

Who is online?

The most popular chess server in the world. More than 5000 players online every night. 200,000 games per day. Top grandmasters playing, free chess training, live events with audio commentary, free chess tournaments with prizes every day, simultaneous exhibitions, special beginners and computer chess rooms.

Click here to download the free client software

It is easy to use and its powerful features offer a magnificent online chess experience.You have full access for 30 days. You can then purchase a serial number for one year or continue to play as guest for an unlimited time for free. Or take the best deal: order the complete Fritz in our Shop.

How to buy an activation key

With Click&Buy. If you order with Click&Buy, you will receive the serial number immediately by e-mail.

If you order with PayPal, you will receive the serial number immediately by email.

In the Shop. Delivery with take approx. 2 working days. You will receive the key by Email.
ChessBase Shop

Download manual (pdf)

GMs and IMs who registered for King or Queen rank have free access and automatically earn Ducats for playing on the server.


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