Community Cabinet

What is Community Cabinet?

The purpose of Community Cabinet is for us to hear from you. It’s very easy for governments in Canberra to become detached from what’s going on out on the ground. I don’t intend to allow that to happen to this government and one of the antidotes is to make sure that we are up and out there on a regular basis engaging local communities.

That’s why we’ve instituted Community Cabinet, as a way of keeping us as a government linked to what you in the community have to say. We want to remain engaged with the wider Australian community, and the ideas and the views that you put to us help continue to shape our views about what the Australian Government should be about now and in the future.

Kevin Rudd
Prime Minister of Australia

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at Community Cabinet
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at Community Cabinet







The next Community Cabinet meeting

The Prime Minister has announced a Community Cabinet meeting at Fremont-Elizabeth City High School, Philip Highway, Elizabeth, South Australia on Tuesday 28 July 2009.

Visit the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website to find more information or register to attend Community Cabinet.

A number of Community Cabinet meetings have already been held around Australia. A summary of events and a selection of pictures are made available shortly after each meeting.


“’s really important that the government does come to the people....”

“...more than just a public face, they become a person, and they see that we are real people, with real problems and real issues that we want them to listen to.”

“’s nice to see someone talking in the flesh rather than on the news.”

“...I think it’s a good sign of democracy.”

Comments from people who have attended a Community Cabinet meeting.