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Leave your comments about the Prime Minister's Homepage.

This section allows you to leave a comment about the homepage. This homepage is not a vehicle for official correspondence or an official means of information lodgement. It is not possible for the Prime Minister to respond to correspondence through this homepage and any comments or feedback will be accepted purely as commentary information.

Other Enquiries
For information or inquiries regarding matters falling within the Federal Government's administration, please contact your local Federal Member of Parliament or Senator in your State. Your local Federal representative will be happy to assist you and can also make representations to the Prime Minister or the relevant portfolio Minister on your behalf. The White Pages have telephone and address listings for the electorate offices of all Federal Senators and Members.

Alternatively, please write to the Prime Minister as follows:

The Hon John Howard MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

The Prime Minister's office receives many inquiries about the way in which correspondence should be addressed.

The formal mode of address is 'Dear Prime Minister' or simply 'Dear Mr Howard'.

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