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Welcome to the new Bibliothèque Nostradamus website, featuring low-resolution images of all our facsimiles in chronological order!
Simply click on the time-period from which you would like to open a folder. Once you have identified your target, click on it to see the whole book page by page.

For higher resolution images, please read the details below for terms of temporary membership. We are organizing a print on demand service for every book, rest in tune!


The Bibliotheque Nostradamus is a private informal group dedicated to the purchase of photographed, photocopied copies and originals of as many editions as possible of early original works by or about Nostradamus, and to digitising them with a view to online private study by members only. It is not for discussion of Nostradamus, his works, interpretations of them or the relative merits of their various editions.

The Library's files are available to paid-up members only. From the first of April 2007 the group has decided to stop accepting new members. However we have now opened our full archive to anyone wishing to download protected low-resolution images. If you wish to download the books in higher resolution, you will need to apply for temporary membership. This will involve paying a suitable subscription. For full financial details, please visit the Library's associated Group at the following address:







I received many requests of high resolution images, I made two DVD with every book you see in the site, also I added all the site off line. It's around a massive 8 giga of images, I spent a fortune in money and an eternity in time doing this job so if you want to buy the two DVD they are for sale at 400 British Pounds. Click on the thumbs below to see the quality of the pictures. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT.



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