In the middle of downtown Columbus, in the middle of Main Street, there stands a replica of the Statue Of Liberty.  Few people today bother to stop and read the inscriptions on the base of this 8 1/2' tall statue.  What a shame.  There are two plaques on the base of this statue, and they read as follows: 

With the faith and courage of
their forefathers who made
 possible the freedom of these
 United States

the Boy Scouts Of America

dedicate this copy of the
 Statue Of Liberty as a pledge
 of everlasting fidelity and

40th Anniversary crusade to
 strengthen the arm of liberty

The other plaque reads as follows:

DECEMBER 7, 1950

It seems that about 200 of these statues were donated to various cities around America by the Boy Scouts between 1949 and 1952.  They are made of copper plate, and weight approximately 290 pounds each, not counting the base.   Built in Chicago,  some of these reminders that freedom isn't free have been defaced, vandalized, or damaged, but not ours.  Not the only one known to have been placed In Mississippi, which resides just a short distance from our council office.  No, our Statue Of Liberty still stands proud and safe here in the heart of the Pushmataha Area Council. 

To read more about these amazing statues, visit these websites:

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When you have a moment, stop in downtown Columbus, park your car, and visit our own symbol of American freedom, funded and erected by BSA volunteers.