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Armament Systems


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This organization acquires military and civilian ships and boats, and manages ship refit, conversion and drydocking contracts. It is also responsible for acquiring a broad range of mechanical and electrical equipment, including spare parts for use aboard vessels, along with related services such as engineering, repair and overhaul, and in-service ships maintenance.

The organization conducts inspections of all civilian ships, boats and associated equipment. It provides client departments with a wide variety of technical services, such as condition surveys on ships, specification preparation and technical advice.

Marine and Armament Systems also acquires a wide range of technically complex armament systems such as wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles, large and small calibre weapons and ammunition, as well as engineering repair and overhaul and maintenance services, and spare parts support to meet federal government and foreign government requirements.

The organization has also an office in London, Ontario which is responsible for the acquisition of wheeled light armoured vehicles for foreign governments on behalf of the Canadian Commercial Corporation's export initiatives (CCC/LAV Projects).