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 At PWGSC, we are about strengthening Canada and building our future together

At your service across Canada:

Vancouver Tel.: (604) 666-3995
Edmonton Tel.: (403) 497-3563
Toronto Tel.: (416) 512-5610
National Capital Tel.: (819) 956-2310
Montréal Tel.: 1-800-884-5994
Halifax Tel.: (902) 496-5000
MERX Tel.: 1-800-964-6379
Contracts Canada Tel.: 1-800-811-1148
Info-Canada Enquiries Services Tel.: 1-800-667-3355
in Manitoba: 1-800-282-8060
in Quebec: 1-800-363-1363
Government Electronic
Directory Services
Tel.: call Info-Canada Enquiries Services
Information on Properties for Sale Tel.: 1-888-GOVLANDS
Contract Claims Resolution Board Tel.: (819) 956-3021
Canadian International Trade Tribunal Tel.: (613) 990-1988
PWGSC Access to Information Office Tel.: (819) 956-1820
Visit our main site at
To contact other organizations in the Minister's Portfolio:
Canada Post Corporation Tel.: 1-800-267-1177
Canada Lands Company Ltd. Tel.: 1-888-252-5263
Canada Mortgage and
Housing Corporation
Tel.: 1-800-668-2642
Old Port of Montréal
Corporation Inc.
Tel.: (514) 283-5256
Queens Quay West Land Corporation Tel.: (416) 952-6100
Defence Construction Canada Tel.: (613) 998-9539
Royal Canadian Mint Tel.: (613) 993-3500

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