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Created to build on existing knowledge and experience, our Centre strives to inform and support Canadian departments and agencies who wish to undertake online consultation activities.

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Published in the online media on Dec 20th: Digitizing Libraries: Another step towards greater access to the world's knowledge and information at the click of a mouse. Click here for the full article.
Published in the online media on Dec 16th: Can't focus on the teleconference? Join the club Ninety percent of people who participate in conference calls find things to keep them busy besides following the discussion. Click here for the full article.

Featured Article

Reaching the Rural Crowd

Having half of its Internet connected households subscribing to a high-speed service, Canada has become a leader in broadband adoption. But while there is a high use of broadband in the country, accessibility to high-speed Internet--and Internet itself--remains an issue. Particularly, in rural areas that have few options for Internet connections.


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  • Close to one quarter (23.7%) of Canadian households had broadband access in 2001
  • British Columbia had the highest percentage of high-speed connection of all provinces

CoE News and Events

Content Analysis in Online Consultation - January 18, 2005

This conference will help keep you buoyant among the latest technologies available to assist in data analysis processes. We'll bring you tips and tricks on making the most of both quantitative and qualitative data gathered in the consultation process.

Our speakers will present expert knowledge on their research and practical experiences dealing with content analysis.

This conference will be an important step towards building a common understanding of the issue, as well as possible solutions

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  • FUD: Fear, uncertainty, and doubt