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Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) In-Service Support Supply Arrangement (ISS SA) - Home Page
Welcome to the In-Service Support Supply Arrangement (ISS SA) Web site. This site is dedicated to providing information concerning your ISS SA needs. Our goal is to provide innovative procurement services to both users and the SA Holders.

Message from the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) ISS SA Authority

The Supply Arrangements are primarily for HRDC employees use. However, the Supply Arrangements are available for use by other federal departments and agencies through a PWGSC Contracting Officer.

The supply arrangement method of procurement provides access to a wide spectrum of professional services and solutions. The vehicle offers a fast, efficient, and streamlined approach towards service procurement. It also provides various features, such as: timely access, fast turnaround time, complete set of resources, innovative contract management approach and value for money.

The site contains:
background information on this supply vehicle; a list of the •258 pre-qualified Supply Arrangement holders (in •8 service streams and •65 occupational categories); •detailed instructions on how the vehicle is used; and other features.