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Preserving Canada's Heritage
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The Parliament Buildings are the only government facilities in North America where carving still takes place full-time. Many uncarved blocks of stone in the interior of the Centre Block await to be transformed into notable works of art. PWGSC employs Maurice Joanisse as the Government of Canada's official sculptor. He designs, sculpts, and installs stone carvings that rank among the best in the world.

Service and Solutions

With a few clicks of a mouse, clients can now access the latest information about our procurement-related services, including the Customer Manual. Also on-line - Contracts Canada — provides information to suppliers about what and how the government buys, offers access to a data base of current government bidding opportunities, and lists key contacts in PWGSC and other government purchasing departments. As Canada's largest purchasing office, we buy more than $8 billion a year in goods and services on behalf of more than 100 federal departments and agencies, and manage tens of thousands of contract opportunities covering virtually every sector of the economy. We also contract out over $2 billion of work every year, mostly to small and medium-sized businesses.

Parliament Hill

The spectacular Neo-gothic buildings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa (left) are among Canada's most recognizable and cherished symbols. Since the completion of the three original Parliament Buildings in 1865, this site has become more than the centre stage of our political life: it has evolved into a national landmark, a heritage treasure that belongs to all Canadians. PWGSC plays a critical role in maintaining Parliament Hill for future generations.

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Updated: 2000-03-31
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