"This is huge! Prya's created an application called Blogger that lets you edit a Weblog on their server, but save and show it from yours. Good going guys!"
-Bill Humphries, More Like This

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Pyra is a web-based power tool designed to help you manage tasks and related project information in an easily accessible, shared space.
With Pyra, you can:
  • Quickly create, edit, assign and track projects, tasks, messages and other items
  • Have private, team discussions integrated within project information
  • Combine and organize information that would normally be scattered among emails, meeting notes, etc.
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    Blogger is a free automated weblog publishing tool. With Blogger, you can easily update a weblog, news or announcement web page, links page, etc. without having to write or install any server software—while still having total control over the look and location of your page.
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    Jerry Michalski joins Pyra in advisory role
    Pyra is happy to welcome Jerry Michalski to our team. Jerry will be using his renowned knowledge and vision to advise Pyra on strategy, direction, and cool freakin' ideas (he's got lots). Jerry’s ability to discern patterns and relationships between technologies and people led Newsweek magazine to call him a "software seer" and name him one of the 50 people to watch in the high-tech industry. Jerry spent five years as managing editor of Release 1.0, Esther Dyson’s influential monthly newsletter. ("Industry insiders, of course, knew for some time that managing editor Jerry Michalski was doing the heavy lifting." - Red Herring) Welcome, Jerry!

    Mmmm...love that new web site smell!
    Things were getting a little stale around here, so we decided to update the site to more accurately reflect what's going on in the company—which is, make no mistake, exciting stuff. It's not done yet (the site, that is). In particular, the discussion forum (Pyra Fora) is still ugly (and now, joltingly different looking) and doesn't work the best. Soon, that will go away and we'll have (Pyra-powered) discussion integrated with the whole site. Meanwhile, let us know what you think of the new design (any problems?)—there, or here.

    Attention Beta users: Call for quotes!
    See those randomly selected quotes at the top of these pages? Do you have something nice to say that you think we might want to put there? Please send it to us! Of course, we dig your feedback at any time—good or bad.

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