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Bruce Eckel: Thinking in Patterns with Java ["The most significant change is a new chapter which is a reasonably thorough coverage of JPython, including a lot of material I couldn't find anywhere and had to ferret out on my own"]


Eric Hagemann: Numerical Python Modules [from o'reilly network]

Adam Feuer: adzapper 0.3.0 ["adzapper is a filtering proxy that blocks ads from being downloaded and displayed by your web browser. Instead of ad banners, you see blank spaces: adzapper transforms the ads into transparent gifs."]

Bernhard Herzog: Sketch 0.6.8 ["Sketch is a vector drawing program for Linux and other unices. It's intended to be a flexible and powerful tool for illustrations, diagrams and other purposes"]


Georg Mischler: Python for Autocad 0.4 ["This Project has the goal to make Python available as a scripting language for the CAD program Autocad"]


Python 1.6 beta 1 Installer for Windows now available


Thomas Heller: Python support for RedHat's SourceNavigator

Cameron Laird: Tk sets the standard -- GUI remains the industry leader after all these years ["How has Tk remained the leader in toolkits, and what are its prospects for the future?"] [from sunworld]

Sreekant Kodela: Soth ["Soth is a distributed processing environment running with inverse client server philosophy"]

Mark Hammond: Python .NET [see also: current status]

[this week's Python-URL!]


Peter Liljenberg, Morgan Eklöf: PLWM [a Python-powered X window manager]

Software Carpentry: Second Round Results


Andrew Kuchling: Python-Dev Summary: July 16-31

Python 1.6 beta 1 is out! [see also: guido's announcement]


[Stats for comp.lang.python: 4166 posts in July]

Peter Liljenberg: The Python X Library [an Xlib replacement written in 100% Python]

Python9: Call for Papers


Michael P. Reilly: mimecntl 1.5 - read/write MIME objects

Guido van Rossum: Computer Programming for Everyone! [technetcast]

Nicholas Petreley: Enhydra vs. Zope ["Nick's preference of Enhydra over Zope is deeper than Java and Python"]


Danny Yee: Python Essential Reference Review

Christian Zupancic: Python Programming: Getting a Grip [from]

Tom O'Connor, John Viega: Scripting in and around Java [from gamelan]

Python 1.6b1 Draft License Text

Bob Weiner: Official BeOpen Statement About Python License. ["The Python license is fully open source compliant, as certified by the Open Source Initiative"]



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