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This destination reaches over 1.1 million monthly people, of which 874K (79%) are in the U.S.


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Income represents total household income.
100 index is internet average.

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Data Source: United States


Business Activity

In the US people tend to visit this network from home.



Business Activity

Globally people tend to visit this network from home.

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Data Source: United States

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Audience Also Likes

This list shows other sites an audience frequents, which can reveal brand preferences and other lifestyle traits. The Audience Also Likes section of a site's profile shows other sites that the audience is likely to visit, and the affinity indicates how much more likely than average. For example, if the profile for wsj.com listed barrons.com with an affinity of 10x, a randomly chosen visitor to wsj.com is ten times likelier to visit barrons.com than the average internet user.

Demographic Index

Index represents how a site's audience compares to the online internet population as a whole. An index of 100 indicates a site's audience is at parity with the total internet population.


The affinity numbers represent how likely a given visitor is to visit one of the listed sites or categories compared to the internet average. For example, an affinity number of 10.2 would say that a user on "X" website is 10.2 times more likely than the average internet visitor to visit the other site or category that is provided.



Page Views


Addicts are the hardcore segment of a site's audience, who have 30 or more visits to that site in a month.


Regulars refers to a segment of a site's audience that frequent a site more than once per month but not as much as addicts who frequent a site 30 or more times per month.


Passers-by have a single visit over the course of a month.

TV & Web Audience Overlap

TiVo® and Quantcast have combined forces to bring insight into combined TV and Internet media consumption habits. A preview is available on all Quantified Publisher Profiles. Comprehensive reporting is available to publishers via the "ACTIVATE NOW" option on their profile page.


Request Access

Quantified Publishers can hide some or all of their profile data from public view. Clicking this link will send a request to the profile owner to grant you full visibility. If you are granted access you will be notified via email and a home page notification.

Access Pending

You have sent a request to this profile's owner to be able to see all hidden data on this profile. You will be notified via email when access has been granted.

Request Site Get Quantified

You can send a request to this publisher asking them to join the Quantcast Publisher Program. The publisher will be notified of your request via email. If and when the publisher decides to join, you will receive an email notification.

Request for Quantification Pending

You have sent a request to this site's owner to get quantified. You will be notified via email when this site becomes quantified.


Index - represents the delivery of a specific audience segment compared to the internet average of 100

Composition - describes the relative proportion of a site's audience according to a specific audience segment

Page Views - total number of page views delivered based on the composition/coverage slider setting for a specific audience segment


The slider helps identify the desired precision level of audience addressability. Moving the slider from right to left increases audience composition and limits impression waste, but also reduces audience coverage.

Quantcast Addressable Segments

Quantcast Addressable Segments enable marketers and publishers to take greater control of targeting and packaging their desired audience segments by providing an expanding selection of demographic targets. Audience size for a selected target segment is determined by adjusting the composition/coverage slider.

People from Sites & Syndicators

These percentages usually sum greater than 100% due to overlap in site and syndicated audiences.