Quodlibet's Registered Status

Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy is registered with the United States Library of Congress as an international electronic academic publication. Quodlibet Journal has been issued the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1526-6575.

Quodlibet's Notion of Itself

Quodlibet is an independent, non-denominational, and non-profit theological project which aims to provide the online theological community with a resource and forum for scholarly expression and reflection.

Quodlibet's Mission Statement

  • In a NutShell
    We are dedicated to providing the internet community with academically rigorous and doctrinally sound theological content in a public forum characterized by open mindedness and genuine engagement toward diverse convictions and beliefs.

  • Academic Rigor
    We are committed to content meeting high academic standards. With the exception of our Discussion Forums, we do not allow exclusionary or critical expression without providing supporting Scriptural or academically reliable documentation.

  • Sound Doctrine
    We are committed to traditional, evangelical and reasonable standards in our presentation of Scripture and theological discourse. We assume, among other things, the divinity of Jesus Christ, the exclusive offer of salvation through his life, death and resurrection, and the Scripture's authoritative role in informing mankind regarding God and his movement in history. We do not, however, require or expect our visitors or participants to hold to these same convictions.

  • Theological Content and Exchange
    We intentionally limit our content to what we think relevant to Theology and Christianity. Under the rubric of Theology we encourage and expect dialogue on philosophical, scientific, ethical, social, and cultural topics as they impact theological discussions and views of God, Christ and the Scriptures.

  • Open-Minded and Genuine Engagement
    We promise to strive toward continually providing an open and inviting forum for anyone wishing to discuss, inquire into, learn about, or discover Theology or more broadly, Christianity.

Quodlibet's Principal Editor

Quodlibet's Principal Editor is Scott David Foutz. Scott holds a B.A. in Biblical Theology, with emphasis in Biblical Languages from Moody Bible Institute; a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) in Systematic Theology, with emphasis in Church History, from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; a Masters in Sacred Theology (STM) in Philosophical Theology from Yale University Divinity School; and is a PhD student in Systematic Theology at Trinity International University studying deconstruction and contemporary metaphysics. Scott also studied Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism for two years in Japan while teaching Bible and Theology at the Missionary Training Center in Nasu, Tochigi prefecture. Scott currently teaches courses in Bible and World Religions at North Park University in Chicago.

Quodlibet's Disclaimer

The views expressed by our contributing authors are not necessarily those of Quodlibet's editorial staff. You are invited to interact with our authors' ideas through email or our Online Discussion Forums.

Quodlibet's Design

All the graphics and coding of Quodlibet are the creation of Scott David Foutz. Scott works full time as an Internet Developer for the American Academy of Pediatrics and is an adjunct faculty member in religious studies at North Park University in Chicago. ( He's also alleged to be wrapping up a PhD in Systematic Theology, but no evidence substantiating this allegation could be located.) Scott is the creator and webmaster of Quodlibet's sister site, TheologyWebsite.com (formerly known as the Theology Web Site of Trinity International University). To contact Scott about web design, freelance projects or even his views on metaphysics, simply email him at Quodlibet@foutz.net.

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