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Ways of Donating

Please join us in protecting women's reproductive freedom.

Thank You

Thank you for your gift which enables us to remain focused and aggressive in our efforts to secure, advance, and protect reproductive choices for all of us. As partners in our efforts, you will be kept informed of the latest development in this field through a variety of regular updates. CRLP is a 501(C)(3)non-profit organization. Donations to CRLP are tax deductible charitable contributions.

For more information about donating to CRLP, please contact us.

CRLP financial information is available online including our annual report for 2000. To obtain a hard copy of our annual report, write or call our New York offices or email us with your request to contribute@crlp.org .

Learn more about CRLP's Board Members.

Donating to CRLP

Donating by Mail or by Fax

To make a donation to CRLP by mail or by fax, please print out the following form:

Donating by Mail or by Fax (PDF)

Major Gifts

Join CRLP's circle of major donors by giving a gift of $500 or more today! As a major donor, you will receive special mailings, be invited to special events and briefings, and have unique access to our Board and staff.

Honor/Memorial Giving

Did someone in your life inspire the ideals you hold dear? Did s(he) teach you the importance of equality and choice? Help you understand that fairness should not be reserved for a select few? That liberty and justice are for everyone? Did s(he) help you see we are all entitled to privacy, especially when deciding whether or when to have a child?

A gift to CRLP in honor or in memory of that influential friend, relative, or teacher is a wonderful way to mark a birthday, anniversary, or simply to show your appreciation.

When making a gift in someone's honor, please include the name and address of that person. When making a gift in someone's memory, please include the name and address of someone whom you would would like us to notify. Please print the following form: Donations by Mail.

Giving Gifts of Stock

Giving gifts of appreciated stock is a wonderful way to contribute to CRLP and to help us defend women's reproductive freedom. By donating appreciated stock, your tax advantage will be greater than if you sold the stock yourself and donated a cash gift from the proceeds. A number of our donors have found that giving gifts of stock not only translates into tax savings, but is a quick and easy way to support CRLP programs that they care the most about.

If you would like to learn more about how to make a tax-deductible stock donation, please contact CRLP's Development Department at (917) 637-3600 or at contribute@crlp.org.

Charitable Bequests

Bequests can be an important way to ensure that the issues you care about continue to be supported on behalf of future generations. By making plans now, you can also help reduce potential tax burdens, ensuring that a greater portion of your estate goes to those you most want to care for. A bequest to CRLP creates a legacy that could make all the difference for the women of generations to come.

If you would like to explore the options, please contact us at contribute@crlp.org.

Matching Gifts

Many companies match employee gifts. Talk to your human resources department about doubling or even tripling your gift to CRLP.

Introduce us to your friends.

One of the best ways to help support CRLP is to spread the word about our mission and programs to your friends! Please feel free to email us at contribute@crlp.org to provide us with the names of friends who would be interested in our work or, if you prefer, to request multiple copies of our introductory packet for your own distribution.

The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy is a member of Women, Children and Family Service Charities of America.


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