Abortion in the Courts
Medical Abortion Restrictions
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Partial Birth Abortion Bans: Introduction
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"Partial-Birth" Abortion Ban Legislation: By State
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Stenberg v. Carhart has charted the course for reproductive rights in this country. Members of Congress and state legislators should heed the Supreme Court's clear message: sweeping abortion bans that apply before viability and ignore women's health are unconstitutional.

Any further attempts to adopt bans on so-called "partial-birth abortion," or similar laws, should be seen for what they are - unconstitutional, deceptive and extreme attempts to end reproductive rights and deny women access to abortion.

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'Partial-Birth Abortion' Bans Violate Women’s Rights
Partial Birth Abortion Bans
Abortion Ban (So-Called 'Partial-Birth Abortion')
Partial Birth Abortion Bans: Introduction
Abortion in the Courts