2002 Press Releases
12/3/02 - South Carolina Blocked From Accessing Abortion Patients’ Medical Records
11/26/02 - UN Human Rights Committee Petitioned with Reproductive Rights Case
11/15/02 - Indiana’s Abortion Law Temporarily Blocked
11/12/02 - Judge Denies Survivor’s Benefits to Twins Conceived After Their Father’s Death
11/8/02 - Federal Appeals Court Agrees to Rehear Challenges to South Carolina Abortion Regulation Laws
10/31/02 - Nancy Northup Appointed President of Center for Reproductive Rights
10/31/02 - Center for Reproductive Rights Appoints New Program Directors
10/23/02 - Health of Low-Income Women Protected by Arizona Supreme Court
10/18/02 - Court Upholds Rights of Pregnant Women
10/17/02 - Peru Acknowledges Human Rights Violations in Forced Sterilization Case that Ended in Death
10/2/02 - Arizona Judge Affirms Privacy Rights of Abortion Providers and Patients
9/30/02 - Judge Grants in Part the Center for Reproductive Rights' Motion to Enjoin Alabama Waiting Period
9/26/02 - Nepal’s King Legalizes Abortion
9/26/02 - Center for Reproductive Rights Files "Choose Life" License Plate Case with Supreme Court
9/25/02 - House Votes to Reduce Health Care Options for Women
9/24/02 - Legal Arguments to be Heard on Alabama’s Abortion Waiting Period
9/23/02 - Challenge to Indiana’s Abortion Waiting Period Statute Continues
9/20/02 - Federal Appeals Court Permits State to Review and Copy Patients’ Abortion Medical Records
9/17/02 - Injunction Sought Against Alabama's Abortion Waiting Period
9/17/02 - Lawsuit Against President Bush: 'Gagged and Dismissed'
8/30/02 - Medicaid Sex Discrimination Case May Go to Appeal
8/23/02 - Bans on Medicaid Coverage Considered by Florida Administrative Office
8/5/02 - Pennsylvania Judge Removes Injunction Against Woman Seeking Abortion
8/2/02 - Pennsylvania Abortion Case Filed to Supreme Court is Denied Without Prejudice
8/2/02 - Emergency Appeal Filed For Pennsylvania Woman Seeking an Abortion
7/31/02 - Pennsylvania Woman Denied Right to Abortion
7/30/02 - Erica Smock Joins the Center for Reproductive Rights
7/29/02 - Peru's Apology for Forced Sterilization Feared Part of a Strategy to Limit Family Planning Options
7/24/02 - House Passes Unconstitutional, Deceptive Abortion Ban
7/22/02 - Bush Administration’s International Family Planning Cut Will Put Millions at Risk
7/19/02 - Iowa Court Ruling Mandating Release of Women's Medical Records Violates Doctor-Patient Confidentiality
7/16/02 - Florida Judge Refuses to Block Distribution of 'Choose Life' License Plate Funds
7/10/02 - Suzanne Novak Joins the Center for Reproductive Rights
7/8/02 - Simon Heller of the Center for Reproductive Rights to Testify Before Congress Against Abortion Ban
6/28/02 - Ten Years Later, A Supreme Court Decision Impacts Women's Lives
6/19/02 - Flagrantly Unconstitutional Abortion Ban Introduced In House
6/19/02 - Abortion Ban to be Introduced in House of Representatives
6/18/02 - Center for Reproductive Rights Expert Contact Regarding Abortion in the Military Bill Before Congress
6/17/02 - Federal Court Finds Oklahoma’s Adolescent Abortion Law Unconstitutional
6/5/02 - Statement of Christina Zampas on Bush Abortion Policy
6/5/02 - HIV-AIDS Crisis Demands Reproductive Health Care in Africa
6/03/02- Secretary-General Appoints Nafis Sadik of Pakistan as His Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS of Asia
5/31/02 - Court Finds Department of Defense Irrational and Cruel for Refusing to Pay for Abortion
5/30/02 - Bush Administration Gagging European Allies
5/13/02 - State Court Rules Louisiana Not Responsible for 10-Year Unlimited Liability Burden on Abortion Providers
5/6/02 - Bush Administration to Extend Health Coverage to Fetuses but Not to Pregnant Women
5/3/02 - Reproductive Health Crisis for Zimbabwean Adolescents In the Spotlight at UN Special Session on Children
4/26/02 - Arizona Supreme Court Reviews Ban on Funding of Low-Income Women’s Abortions
4/26/02 - Center for Reproductive Rights Announces Resignation of Janet Benshoof, President and Founder
4/23/02 - Adolescents' Reproductive Rights Under Attack by the Bush Administration
4/17/02 - House Passes Anti-abortion Legislation
4/17/02 - Louisiana Court Denies Claims of Prison Inmate Forced to Carry Pregnancy to Term
4/9/02 - Prison Inmate Denied Right to an Abortion in Louisiana
4/5/02 - Arizona Abortion Regulations Discriminate Against Women
4/4/02 - South Carolina Abortion Regulation Threatens Privacy of Medical Records
3/28/02 - Judge Rejects Abortion-Breast Cancer Scare Tactic
3/22/02 - Hungarian Government Fails to Ensure Women's Human Rights
3/21/02 - Anti-Abortion Breast Cancer Scare Tactic Goes to Trial
3/21/02 - As Nepal Legalizes Abortion, Women Remain In Prison
3/20/02 - Child Custody Protection Act Passes House Committee
3/14/02 - Nepal Legalizes Abortion
3/11/02 - Federal Challenge to Bush Censorship of Abortion Speech before Appellate Court
3/8/02 - Virginia Passes Unconstitutional Ban on Abortion
3/6/02 - Congresswomen Launch Bill to Reduce Unintended Pregnancies
3/6/02 - Center for Reproductive Rights Seeks Justice in International Body for Young Mexican Rape Victim Denied Abortion
3/1/02 - Michigan Judge Strikes Down Vague Abortion Law
2/27/02 - Florida Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Parental Notification for Young Women's Abortions
2/15/02 - Seventh Circuit to Hear Challenge Against Indiana Abortion Law
2/13/02 - Bush Administration Still Stalling Center for Reproductive Rights' Request For Over The Counter Emergency Contraception
2/13/02 - Bush Administration Still Stalling Request For Over-The-Counter EC: Statement of Bonnie Scott Jones
2/7/02 - CCPA Will Cause Chaos, Punish Adolescents
2/6/02 - Bush Makes Second Attack on Abortion Rights this Week by Urging Court to Uphold Abortion Ban
1/30/02 - Federal Court to Hear Free Speech Challenge Against Florida 'Choose Life' License Plates
1/21/02 - South Carolina Faces Question of Warrantless Searches for Second Time
1/18/02 - Jan. 22nd Marks the 29th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade and Women's Right to Choose
1/15/02 - New Challenge to Florida 'Choose Life' License Plates
1/14/02 - Mother Seeks Legal Recognition for Posthumously Conceived Twins

Center for Reproductive Rights Expert Contact Regarding Abortion in the Military Bill Before Congress

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