Articles & Briefing Papers
A Global Review of Laws on Induced Abortion, 1985-1997
"Partial-Birth Abortion" Ban Is an Affront to Women and to the U.S. Supreme Court
"Partial-Birth Abortion" - Journal of Women's Health and Law
Providing Medical Abortion: Legal Issues of Relevance to Providers
Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers: Avoiding the "TRAP"
The Child Custody Protection Act (CCPA)
Implementing Adolescent Reproductive Rights Through the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Emergency Contraception: Contraception, Not Abortion: An Analysis of Laws and Policy Around the World
Sex Discrimination and Insurance for Contraception
Bringing Rights to Bear: Advocacy Guide
Beijing+5: Assessing Reproductive Rights
Cairo Plus Five: Assessing U.S. Support for Reproductive Health at Home and Abroad
Ending Impunity for Gender Crimes under the International Criminal Court
The Holy See at the United Nations
ICPD+5: Gains for Women Despite Opposition
U.N. Special Session on Children: Missed Opportunities and Neglected Realities
UNGASS on HIV/AIDS: Women's Empowerment Embraced, Reproductive Rights Slighted
The Bush Global Gag Rule
European Perspectives on the Global Gag Rule
International Family Planning and Reproductive Health Programs
Countering the Religious Right on Reproductive Rights: Legislative and Legal Strategies
Displaced and Disregarded: Refugees and their Reproductive Rights
HIV/AIDS: Reproductive Rights on the Line
The Legal Status of the Fetus: Implications for Medical Personnel
Legislation on Female Circumcision/ Female Genital Mutilation in the United States
Punishing Women for their Behavior During Pregnancy
Reproductive Rights in the Inter-American System for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
Reproductive Rights and Women With Disabilities: A Human Rights Framework
Rethinking Population Policies
Trends in Reproductive Rights: East Central Europe

UNGASS on HIV/AIDS: Women's Empowerment Embraced, Reproductive Rights Slighted

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