Khalid Shaikh Mohammed


Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Date of birth:  April 14, 1965 or March 1, 1964
Place of birth:  Kuwait
Height:  Medium
Weight:  Slightly overweight
Build:  Unknown
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Brown
Complexion:  Olive
Sex:  Male
Citizen:  Unknown
Characterisitics:  long shaped face, wears a full beard, a trimmed beard and clean shaven. Has been known to wear glasses.
Aliases:  Ashraf Refaat Nabith Henin, Khalid Adbul Wadood, Salem Ali, Fahd Bin Adballah Bin Khalid
Status:  Captured

On January 6, 1995, a fire broke out in an apartment in Manila occupied by KHALID SHAIKH MOHAMMED. The information developed from the investigation into this small fire, ultimately saved the lives of thousands of people.

The investigation revealed that in August 1994 through January 1995 in this apartment and elsewhere, KHALID SHAIKH MOHAMMED unlawfully and willfully conspired to bomb U.S. civilian airliners by placing explosive devices on twelve airliners flying over the Pacific Ocean during a two day period in January 1995.

Had any of these devices exploded, hundreds of innocent lives could have been lost. People should not have to live under the fear of terrorism. KHALID SHAIKH MOHAMMED has been indicted for his involvement in this deadly conspiracy and must stand trial for his crimes.

Indicted for: conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals.

KHALID SHAIKH MOHAMMED was caputed on 1 March 2003 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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