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IRF has from its inception concentrated its Asian Programs on the Sumatran Rhino, probably the most endangered of all rhino species. More recently, IRF has extended its programs to the Javan Rhino. IRF has also selectively assists conservation efforts for Indian Rhino and is working with other organizations on a major program that could provide long-term financial support to protect this species in the wild. IRF programs reflect the dual and diversified strategy of protection in the wild and propagation in captivity or semi-captivity.

Bukit Barisan Selatan N.P. program Chitwan, Terai Arc, Kaziranga programs Cat Loc Reserve programs Kerinci-Seblat N.P. program Gunung Leuser Ecosystem program Chitwan, Terai Arc, Kaziranga programs Chitwan, Terai Arc, Kaziranga programs Ujung Kulon N.P program Sabah  Wildlife Department program Peninsula Malaysia program Sungai Dusun Sumatra program Taman Negara program Way Kambas N.P. program Way Kambas N.P program Javan Rhino Information Indian Rhino Information Sumatran Rhino Information
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