Blake Shelton - Back There Again

Blake Shelton has become a star by singing sincere ballads. "Back There Again," from his record "Pure BS" is one of the best he's ever done.

Johnny Reid - Thank You

This is a stellar track by the Canadian star.

Doc Walker - Maria

Here's a single from the Canadian band's last album.

Chris Young - Voices

The winner of Nashville Star in 2006, Chris Young returns with his strongest radio single yet.

Craig Morgan - Love Remembers

Craig enters the charts with the debut single from his new recording contract with BNA Records.

Rissi Palmer - No Air

The first single from her sophomore release, "No Air" is Rissi Palmer's third single. It's produced by Taylor Swift's producer Nathan Chapman.

Miranda Lambert - Gunpowder & Lead

Miranda Lambert brings rock to the country with her girlpower anthem from the album "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Marcel - I Love This Song

After recording one album for Mercury Records, Marcel previews his forthcoming Lyric Street Records release with "I Love This Song."