is an acronym for COuntry and Western Pickers of the InternEt. Here you will find:

COWPIE's purpose in life is to allow guitar players who enjoy country music (and it's many substyles) to contact one another and swap songs, techniques, and information without wading through all the mixture of musical styles covered in the usenet groups.

Newsletters - Cowpie News

Cowpie News was conceived when Greg got on the net and was disappointed at the number of country and western songs available on other guitar archives and newsgroups. Greg began manually handling a mailing list of c&w; guitarists, but it grew beyond his abilities to keep up, so Cowpie was moved to a listproc program. Then Greg got space on an ftp server for the archives, and has been keeping busy ever since.

The tablature uses no frills ascii text that needs to be displayed in a monospaced font (like Courier or Monaco) in order for things to line up properly.

New issues of the newsletter go out around the 1st and 15th of each month and they tend to be somewhere in the 30K size range.

Subscribing to the Newsletter

If you are interested in being added to the automatic distribution list please sign up on the subscribe page. An automated welcome document will soon be e-mailed back to you.

Unsubscribing from the Newsletter

In the event that you might want to unsubscribe from the newsletter, that is also done on the subscribe page.

Keep on pickin'!

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