If you can educate others in how to play a song, type up the chords and/or tab and/or playing tips so that you can give back to the Internet guitar playing community, from which you have probably learned a few things.

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Step 1: Preparation of Material

Make sure of the following:
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Step 2: Submission of Material

The simplest method of submitting for all concerned is to simply e-mail it to Greg Vaughn. Use a subject line of the form "songname" by "artist name" and then include the song in the body of the mail. Please include only a single song in each e-mail message to speed up processing. If you have additional comments and/or requests please send them in a separate e-mail message also.

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Step 3: Follow Up

If the song you submitted was either a chord or tab file then expect to see it in the next issue of the newsletter. If it was a lyric file or contained minor corrections to a song, then it may or may not be included in the newsletter depending on the amount of other material received. If, after the next newsletter is released, you do not find the file in the archives, then contact Greg Vaughn concerning the status of the file. This is all done manually, so Greg could have made a mistake, or placed it in a different place than you expect.

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