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Walking Among The Living
Jon Randalll

" If Jon Randall is known at all by the mainstream country audience, it’s most likely as one of the writers for “Whiskey Lullaby,” which was a powerhouse duet for Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. But Randall proves here that he’s a strong voice to be reckoned with, too. "
Miranda Lambert

" Once you get past the impression that Miranda Lambert sure sounds an awfully lot like Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, there are plenty of reasons to be wilfully smitten by this fine singer's debut release. "
Time Well Wasted
Brad Paisley

" Although Brad Paisley doesn’t always get the balance quite right here, “Time Well Wasted” is nevertheless no waste of time. "
Here Come Those Dreams Again
Big Blue Hearts

" Although much of this music is derivative, it’s also derivative in the best possible way. "
Willie Nelson

" Everybody knows that Willie Nelson smokes weed just like the most diehard Rastafarian. But this, the man's first reggae album, is also a fairly successful venture outside of his usual country music boundaries. "

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