Do and do not do



Skillset looks after the skills needs of the broadcast, film, video, interactive media and photo imaging industries. Our job is to make sure the audio visual industries have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time, to allow:

  • business growth and competitiveness
  • industries to maintain their competitive edge and share best practice
  • sectors to attract and retain talented people to build on success.
What we do
  • Support and develop new and existing talent for our industry
  • Provide careers advice through our careers service and on this website
  • Carry out research to find out about the training and skills needs of our industries
  • Encourage and raise investment to subsidise training for individuals and organisations
  • Recognise and certify the skills of people working in our industry
  • Advise on UK-wide education and training policy
  • Encourage and support equality of opportunity

What we don’t do

We don't provide training - but we do fund training through our Approved training partners and a network of public and private training providers

We don't provide funds for individuals - we run occasional bursary schemes for individuals, but only for training purposes and not to fund projects or productions

We don't provide industry work experience placements - but we do provide information on this website about how to get work experience

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