Training and Careers

For advice on courses or careers in photography please contact the Society Reception desk - 01225 325733 or e-mail

For more detailed information about education, training or careers in photography, we suggest that you purchase one or more of the books listed below, or contact one of the organisations listed below.

Skillset’s Photo Imaging website provides an invaluable resource of information and guidance on all issues relevant to the skills, training and learning needs of the sector.

This includes:
a regularly updated news and events page

  • descriptions of the wide variety of job roles in the sector
  • access to the full suite of National OccupationalStandards, with information about how to make best use of them
  • recent research and data about the sector and its work force
  • fact sheets and articles about industry issues
  • details about short courses, seminars and workshops
  • links to the associations and professional bodies active in the sector
  • information about college courses and qualifications

For Situations Vacant, the weekly magazine, the British Journal of Photography is very helpful and can be bought from most newsagents.

The most up-to-date information is available on the web-site

The following publications are available from the BJP:
1. Where to Study Photography, Film, Video & Television
2. The BJP Big Book

The following book is available from RPS Reception:
The ABCD of UK Photographic Copyright (£5 inc. p & p)

Local Information
We recommend you contact your local education authority or visit your local library for up-to-date local information on photography courses or careers.

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