Tom Antos

Photography for me is not only job, is passion. Moments and lighting, Light reflection, what’s made my pictures expression that I’m. Travel and Studio, there is two places where I spend most of the time.

Photo reports for magazines, publishers are thing what really I love to do it. For over 25 years I spend time with my cameras make photos of almost every thing.

Commercial Pictures, Art fine, Travel and photojournalist.

Nature, and people with own expression, there is a moments what I like to captures. Architectural and natural pictures was published with hundreds of magazines and books. In the present time I’m working with my new Photo Albums about Israel and Human expression.

Since 1985 untill present time I visit over 40 Country’s and more than 300 places in the world. In the simple days I do Commercial Art photography for Advertising purpose. Please visit my web site and enjoy my Gallery. Please also send me any commends and I will reply all emails.

                                                                        Tom Antos