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  • Laser Safety Program

    UW Health, Safety and Environment Policy 34 requires conformance to health and safety regulations and standards.

    The UW Laser Safety Program is provided to assist members of the university community to conform to the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Labour , ANSI Z136.1- 2007 and related regulations and standards.


    The Laser Safety Program applies to all persons: employees, students and visitors operating or working in proximity to Class 3b or Class 4 lasers. Persons included under this program are identified as Laser Workers. All components of the program are to be completed before a laser worker starts work.

    Program Components

    On Line Laser Safety Training

    This program was developed to review general laser safety procedures,  however only the laboratory supervisor may provide detailed information about the safe operation of lasers or laser systems under their control.

    Laser Safety Video

    Every laser worker is required to view the general laser safety video in Audio Visual E2 Rm. 1309.

    Supervisor Instruction

    The supervisors will ensure that laser workers have been trained in the safe operation of the laser. This is to include a review of the Standard Operational Procedures for the laser or laser system.

    Worker Registration

    Every laser worker will complete and submit a Laser Worker Registration Form to the Safety Office, Commissary Building.

    Laser Inventory

    All Class 3b and Class 4 lasers will be inventoried. The Inventory will be maintained by the Laser Safety Officer in the Safety Office.

    Medical Surveillance

    All laser workers operating or working in proximity to Class 3b or Class 4 lasers or laser systems will attend a pre-assignment and a post-assignment eye examination. The examination is done by UW's Occupational Health Nurse.