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Member Testimonials

Ryze is one of the HOTTEST sites on the web.
James Hong

Wonderful service and concept!
Scott Krause
Sr. Prod. Mgr, Napster

Ryze works because it's simple. I love it.
Auren Hoffman
CEO, BridgePath

I've actually made a few contacts via Ryze in the past week alone, it's pretty amazing!
Sherman Kwok
Chairman, Tradenable

Ryze is way too addictive!! And it's sucking all my time away from what is a very busy week! Why did you have to go and invent such a very cool thing???
Ken Berger
LogX Technologies

Good Job on Ryze. Six Degrees done right.
Miko Matsumura
CEO, Kalepa Networks

Ryze is cool.
Sunil Paul
Chairman, BrightMail

As a newly-appointed CEO, I have special needs for business contacts. Thanks for creating Ryze ! I've not only made many great business contacts, but also lots of personal ones! Great job.
Bob Glass
CEO, Creative Science Systems

Ryze -- The ultimate online playground for interesting personalities.
Rick Bruner
Executive Summary Consulting

Good job with the application design, it really draws you in and maintains interest in the people involved!
Ian Kallen
Lead Engineer, Covalent Technologies

I just wanted to thank you for setting up Ryze, I was able to establish some interesting contacts.
Stefano Corbellini
CTO, data2vault

This is a very interesting concept. It's like the business networking version of Craig's List and Six Degrees.
Brian Hoshi
Ryze is really cool!
Hao Wu

Ryze is fun!!!
Price Roe
Heidrick & Struggles

Ryze is what the Internet is for, and what it used to be. Within seconds, I was reconnecting with past contacts from many different worlds, and making even more new ones. It gives me that cyberhigh that I remember from the first time I sent an email or used the web.
Dave Whelan

The site is not only well thought out and put together, it's an incredible amount of fun. THANK YOU!
Bill Swartz
formerly of Activision, Koei

Great job with RYZE! Wow - I've just started playing with it, and it's great the way you've buit in such amazing functionality. I'm impressed, and am becoming an avid user of the service already.
Evan Margolin
SalsaCrazy, formerly at 3DO

Thanks again for this valuable resource.
Pete Gascoyne
formerly of 2Bridge, OneMediaPlace

This is a dynamite site with a dynamite concept, and with dynamite people. Thanks you for starting this!
Hajime Tomiyama

On a lark, I was one of the first ten to join...Now, every time I check out Ryze, I see more names and faces I know. Coincidence?????
Ron Goedendorp
Predictive Research Group, LLC

Great idea, great site..very cool!
Kris Surroy

This site is all - and a little more.
Kerima Wahl

Funny that I found out about Ryze one day after I found a job--now I can network for the long term, which is always more useful, rather than network for the panicked short term. :-)
Rebecca Nathenson

It is great being here - I myself have been involved in setting up an internet company in the career networking sector but your concept is really "the best I have experienced so far" - it really works and I am happy to tell my friends and colleagues about it.
Fabian Wasmus
KPMG Corporate Finance

Since my first day at Ryze I'm totally addicted to this vital community
Tom Noeding

Love it...love it...love it!!!! RYZE.ORG is my new addiction after a soothing cup of hot tea. Thanx!
Guprit Singh

Hi Adrian. Had to drop by to tell you how much I am enjoying the Ryze experience. It really evolves. Also, this place is seriously engaging.
Rita Aero

Very nice concept. Much better than that 6 degrees thing I did before...that was much too difficult.
Vanessa Au