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BEE TOTALITY  During the solar eclipse over the United States in 2017, citizen scientists recorded bee sounds to help researchers find out what the insects do when day suddenly plunges into darkness.


WHAT LURKS BENEATH  This fluorescence micrograph shows traces of cyanobacteria (pink and blue), which typically need sunlight to survive, on a mineral collected more than 600 meters underground.

island nation of Maldives

WATER WORLD  The island nation of the Maldives is among the planet’s most climate change–threatened nations due to impending sea level rise.

Hubble Space Telescope release from Discovery shuttle

A SPACE TELESCOPE IS BORN  From the start, the Hubble Space Telescope (seen being released from the cargo bay of the space shuttle Discovery on April 25, 1990) has survived many potentially career-ending scares.

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