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Continuum Recap: Episode 6 - Time's Up

Monday, July 09, 2012 11:31 AM

Liber8 goes social and the public demand a pound of flesh in a new episode of Continuum which draws its inspiration from the works of William Shakespeare. It's an episode all about social media, theatre, and how illusions can be created to win the hearts and minds of the people.

"The beauty of the move lies not in it's appearance, but in the thought behind it... Now that we're in this time, what's past is prologue."
- Edouard Kagame/ Shakespeare in Time's Up

The Lowdown

This episode begins in the future with Kiera discovering there's more grey area between the corporate/rebel fight than she supposed. After investigating a break-in, Kiera realises the corporations have been stockpiling rations of food to drive up the cost of food. In an instant we're brought back to 2012 Vancouver, where protests surrounding Exotrol World Corporation mirror real-world "occupy" protests that have taken place.

At the farm Alec and his step-brother Julian are fighting. Julian is acting fishy, not doing his chores, and eventually takes off in his pick-up truck in a huff. Meanwhile, Kiera and Carlos debate whether or not a peaceful protest is ever just that. Kiera: protests will inevitably escalate. Carlos: protestors are harmless weed smoking, veggie burger eating beatniks.

We find out Julian has joined an anarchist gang planning to escalate the protest and turn to violence (perhaps paralleling G20 protests in Canada?). Knowing the police are distracting by controlling the anarchists, Travis Verta breaks into the Exotrol building, shoots some people, and kidnaps CEO Henrietta Sherman. Now that Verta has brutally murdered someone in the first ten minutes of an episode yet again, the first act of Time's Up comes to a close.

Setting up a ghost server, Liber8 live broadcasts their capture for the world to see, appealing to the public disdain of Exotrol Corp. Meanwhile, Alec discovers Julian was involved in the anarchist disturbance, but hides this information with Kiera. After supposing the anarchist group was linked to Liber8's kidnapping, Kiera follows the trail which leads her to discover the leader of the anarchist gang - Francis Hall, an "ugly mother with priors."

Kiera and Carlos find Francis Hall at the tattoo shop he works at, but it looks like someone has found him first. Frank, the head of Exotrol security, is pistol whipping Francis when Kiera and Carlos enter the room. Francis Hall is taken to the police station, where Kiera administers some kind of truth serum which gets him to reveal he received his orders to start a riot via. text message.

Suddenly, everyone at the police station receives a text message simultaneously. It's Liber8, who continue their Hacktivist tactics by sending a mass text reading "Exotrol steals from the people." Liber8 wants 20 million dollars for the release of Exotrol CEO Henrietta Sherman. Kiera realises what Liber8 leader Edouard Kagame has planned: every move he makes in this episodes has to do with creating illusions and manipulating the media like actors in a play.

Alec tattles on Julian for being a member of the violent anarchist group. Julian's dad confronts Julian, who in turn becomes all teenage-angsty and tells his dad he would be wreaking havoc too, had he (Dad) possessed the cajones he (Julian) has.

The 20 million dollar ransom is prepared. Liber8's next move is demanding the ransom be distributed amongst the protesters. Then, Liber8 announces they will not be freeing Henrietta Sherman, and instead, the public can vote on their website on whether or not the should execute her for her corporate misdeeds. The public has two hours to vote, and the votes in favour of offing Mrs. Sherman are growing exponentially.

Kiera is in a serious jam, which means she unfortunately has to turn to Liber8 ex-pat Kellog for help. Kellog breaks the situation down for Kiera - the kidnapping was an inside job in Exotrol, and to discover who orchestrated it, Kiera needs to figure out who stands to gain the most from Henrietta's capture. Oh, and while Kellog is giving Kiera this valuable advice, he also happens to be inside her apartment snooping around her things. Kellog discovers the piece of the time-travel orb-thingy Kiera has hidden in her wall, a "slice of possibility", and hawks the orb piece from Kiera. Shout it out loud in the comments if Kellog is also your favourite character!

Kiera remembers Frank had the safety off when she and Carlos found him questioning Francis Hall, ergo, Frank had every intention of shooting Francis dead before Kiera and Carlos interrupted. Frank must be connected to Henrietta's kidnap, and Kiera and Carlos track him down to his home address. A wicked chase seen ensues, followed by a bad-ass fight sequence, and eventually Frank is captured. Frank's capture leads to the discovery of the board member who setup Henrietta Sherman's capture, and Alec uses his hacking skills to discover where Liber8 is holding Henrietta Sherman.

The police infiltrate the warehouse where Mrs. Sherman is being held hostage, only to discover she has a bomb strapped around her chest. There are two minutes before the bomb explodes, and the only way to deactivate it is for Henrietta Sherman to divulge a nasty corporate secret she's been hiding to the public - live on Liber8's website. We find out Exotrol has been using penchant money and stealing from it's employees, and Henrietta Sherman is set free.

The episode ends with Alec confessing he withheld information from Kiera about his brother being involved with the anarchists, and Kiera scolding Alec mom's guilt-trip style. Kiera has a moment of empathy for Liber8's cause, remembering her discovery in the future about the Corporation withholding food rations. Still in the future, Kiera expresses her discomfort to her husband, who seems blindly faithful that the corporations police themselves and should be trusted, providing more fodder for me to believe there are more problems between Kiera and her husband then has been revealed. Also, that Kiera will inevitably fall for the more romantic, less rigid, Carlos. Bow-chicka-wowow.

New Intel

- Horses: They don't exist in the future. Kiera: "It's a long story."

- Food: Rationed and sealed in plastic bags. Stockpiled by corporations and withheld from the people to drive up prices.

- Julian: Alec's step-brother, now involved in a militant anarchist group.

- Neck Probes: Kiera uses one, which has an effect similar to mixing truth serum with a happy pill.

- History: The history of corporate actions in 2012 is purged from school databases in the future. Thus, the people forget the corporations history so the corporations could repeat their actions.

Next Week on Continuum:

The high-stakes Union Election gives Kiera her first taste of contemporary political intrigue. But issues of trust and loyalty come up for Kiera as evidence points to Carlos in the death of an investigative reporter. Kiera will learn firsthand the lengths a person will go to get elected.

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