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About This Blog

Welcome to Sideshow –’s new entertainment blog. Along with this less than subtle play on the nomenclature of our parent broadcaster, the mentality and styling of our blog is influenced by the curiousities and oddball inhabitants on display at the traveling Sideshows of old.

Sideshow offers readers daily updates on announcements, developments and happenings from across the ever-changing entertainment industry, focusing on new films, DVDs, games, TV shows, music and, for those Friday Without Borders aficionados, adult entertainment. Our mysterious troupe of resident Sideshow freaks are constantly combing the netherworld of popular culture in search of noteworthy news and links to steer your interest away from the usual train wreck of celebrity gossip and mainstream mundanity.

Making a movie? Possess strange and terrible powers? Or more unlikely still, perhaps you disagree with our pontificating wisdom? Feel free to Contact Us and make your voice heard.