February 5, 2006 on now:SIX FEET UNDER IV |up next:Trailer Park Boys 

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Saturday, February 4 at 10pm ET/PT
A tale of music, sex, drugs, larger-than-life characters, and the birth of one of the most famous dance clubs in the world - The Hacienda.

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Saturday, February 11 at 10 pm ET/PT
Written and directed by Atom Egoyan. A man obsessed with a child killing in the past, becomes obsessed with a stripper and her schoolgirl dance routine.

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Saturday, February 18 at 10 pm ET/PT
When a racist reverend tries to do away with the town's Shakespeare festival due to sexual themes in the material, Pee Wee and his teenage friends set out to stop him.

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Saturday, February 25 at 10 pm ET/PT
The students of Angel Beach High attempt to get even with their old nemesis Porky who is trying to force the basketball coach to throw the championship game.

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