Weeds Weeds Wednesday at 10pm ET/PT

The Botwin's, The Hodes', Doug, Conrad and Celia are all back in action in Season 3 and business has never been better.
Rescue Me Rescue Me Tuesday at 10pm ET/PT

New York City's Truck Company 62 firefighters pull survivors from disaster's clutches, while coping with personal issues and colleagues fallen in action.
The L Word The L Word Thursday at 10:30pm ET/PT

Season 4 picks up with the women wrestling with issues close to their hearts. Old demons rear their ugly heads and a host of new characters are brought into their fold.

Fate throws Daisy, a wannabe journalist, and Tim, a love sick skateboarder, together. Defeated by the horrors of flat hunting they decide to pose as a professional couple and share accomodation in order to get a bargain flat. Spaced is an exciting comedy which chronicles the agony and the ecstasy of Tim Bisley and Daisy Steiner, two disillusioned Generation X-ers adrift in a world where reality is as subjective as their taste in shoes.

After a riotous houseparty which turns into an explosive mix of sex, guns, fists, tin foil and celery Tim and Daisy get down to the business of living together and weathering the storms of twenty-something life. Boyfriends, great job offers, ex-girlfriends, vivisectionists and big nights out all rear their head in this light hearted look at the perils of modern life.