Startup cloud-native Java applications incredibly fast with Liberty InstantOn



Infrastructure utilization


Improved server utilization for Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Reduce code deployment


Decreased time for Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Reduce app modernization and migration efforts


Reduced full deployment cycle for FlowFactor

Use cases

Efficiency for cloud-native applications

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Efficiency for cloud-native applications

Utilize Liberty, the highly efficient and optimized runtime for modern cloud technologies and practices, and an ideal choice for container and Kubernetes-based deployments.

Application modernization

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Application modernization

Reduce modernization risks with tools that assess cloud readiness of applications and utilize AI to refactor monolithic applications.

Automated operations and security

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Automated operations and security

Automate IBM WebSphere operational activities to proactively reduce security risk and accelerate threat remediation.

Customer success stories

CDG Prévoyance

CDG Prévoyance automates 50 processes, reducing process time from 5 days to 1 hour, using WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Liberty.

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IBM WebSphere Liberty

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Utilize the power of AI to refactor Java monoliths into Liberty microservices.

Transformation Advisor

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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to common questions and links to learn more.

What is IBM WebSphere Application Server?

IBM WebSphere Application Server is a flexible, secure Java server runtime environment for enterprise applications. Deploy and manage applications and services regardless of time, location or device type. Integrated management and administrative tools provide enhanced security and control, and support for multicloud environments lets you choose your deployment method. Continuous delivery capabilities and services help you to respond at the speed of your business needs.

What features are included in WebSphere Application Server V9.0.5?

Version 9.0.5 is the newest release of WebSphere Application Server and its associated editions: WebSphere Liberty, WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment and WebSphere Application Server Family Edition. This version delivers new operational modernization components to advance your modernization journey to Kubernetes. The new IBM Application Navigator app provides visibility to applications across traditional and container-based deployments. Kubernetes-based services that centralize logging and monitoring for existing WebSphere environments are now available.

How does WebSphere Application Server work?

WebSphere Application Server helps you build, deploy and run applications with flexible, security-rich Java EE-certified runtime environments — from lightweight production environments to large enterprise deployments. The platform provides the same runtime environment for development and testing as the production environment on which the applications will run — helping developers code with confidence and reduce test efforts.

Can WebSphere Application Server be deployed in containers?

Yes. IBM provides certified containers for both traditional WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Liberty. These certified containers simplify the construction and use of the container with proven, supported, tested and well-documented container images based on best practices. The containers also provide Helm charts, which auto-wire the application to the platform’s logging and monitoring infrastructure.

What are my options for licensing WebSphere Application Server for container deployments?

To help optimize the various deployment environments used with WebSphere, perpetual processor value units (PVUs) and monthly virtual processor cores (VPCs) are great options for licensing a server environment. For containerized environments running mixed workloads, the new WebSphere hourly option for containers may be the best fit.

What features are included in IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment?

IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment offers support for open standards and broad programming models. Capabilities include intelligent management and routing along with improved operations and resiliency. Integrated management and administrative tools provide enhanced security and control.

What new features does Network Deployment offer?

In addition to all the features included in WebSphere Application Server, Network Deployment delivers new management tools which help advance your operational modernization journey and support faster transition to containers.

What features are included in IBM WebSphere Liberty?

Integrated tooling, adherence to open standards and broad programming model support help drive productivity gains. Efficient use of computing resources helps reduce costs. Custom features and third-party components support migration of your applications to higher editions of WebSphere Application Server.

How can I download IBM WebSphere Liberty?

Downloading is designed to be simple, and installation and deployment take only a few minutes. WebSphere Liberty integrates fully with open platforms and supports Java EE Web Profile for web, mobile and OSGI (Open Service Gateway Initiative) apps. WebSphere Liberty also provides an ideal runtime for microservices.


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