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Neolithic Labyrinth at Bolshoy Zayatsky island, II-I thousand BC
Labyrinth at Solovki
There are circa 30 mazes or labyrinths and over 1000 barrows, mounds and other exciting stone-works on the islands. Most of them are dated 2-1 millennium B.C. They are yet enigmatic and it is unconceivable, why there are still no big plants growing there except for the mosses and berries. The only tree in the maze grows on the site of the recent archaeological excavations.
  Notre-Dame Cathedral, Amiens, France, XIII c.Notre-Dame Cathedral, Amiens, France, XIII c.   Water Labyrinth, Gatchina, Russia, XVIII c.   Knossos Palace, Crete, Greece, II thousand BC   Saint Martin Cathedral, Lucca, Italy, XI-XIII cc.   Geoglyph-labyrinth at Nasca desert, Peru, VI c. B.C. � I c. A.D.Geoglyph-labyrinth at Nasca desert, Peru, VI c. B.C. � I c. A.D.   Steentjes, Sweden   Notre-Dame Cathedral, Chartres, France, XIII c.Notre-Dame Cathedral, Chartres, France, XIII c.   Turf maze, Saffron Walden, United Kingdom, XVII c.
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