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AuthorScript® Components
There are four main stages to DVD/SVCD/VCD production:

Authoring - Creating an interactive framework for a DVD/SVCD/VCD title

Content formatting - Converting source assets to the formats required for DVD/SVCD/VCD (MPEG video and PCM or Dolby Digital audio for DVD, MPEG-2 video and MPEG-1 layer II or MPEG-2 audio for SVCD, and MPEG-1 Video and MPEG-1 layer II audio for VCD)

DVD-Video multiplexing - Formatting all of the source material and authoring information into a DVD/SCVD/VCD-readable file and directory structure

DVD Disc writing - Writing the final DVD/SCVD/VCD files to a DVD-R, or CD-R.

Sonic’s AuthorScript has components to handle all of these functions. These include:

Navigation engine
- Converts simple navigation commands into the complex navigation structures that the DVD/SCVD/VCD-Video formats specify.

File conversion engine - Encodes and formats video, audio and still assets into the formats required by DVD/SCVD/VCD (MPEG-1, MPEG-2 video compression, Dolby Digital audio compression, sample rate conversion and PCM audio formatting)

File analysis engine - Analyzes bit-rate and legalizes files to ensure DVD/SCVD/VCD format compliance

Multiplexing engine
- Multiplexes the DVD/SCVD/VCD-legal video and audio into DVD/SCVD/VCD-Volumes.

Formatting engine - Controls output of the DVD/SCVD/VCD-Volumes to hard disk or directly to DVD-R, or CD-R.