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Sonic AuthorScript®
AuthorScript is the technology underlying all of Sonic's DVD authoring applications, and the engine that makes it possible to format content for DVDs. The AuthorScript API (Application Programmer's Interface) is a collection of C++ libraries -- and associated calls that can be made from within applications -- that handle all of the low-level processes for converting video, audio, graphics and interactivity into a DVD-Video disc. These libraries are available to third-party developers who would like to add direct DVD-Video publishing to their multimedia, video and audio applications.

AuthorScript is analogous to PostScript® for interactive media. Just as PostScript handles font formatting details and makes them transparent to application developers, AuthorScript handles the details of the DVD format so that in-depth knowledge of the DVD specification is not required to create DVD titles. AuthorScript takes in simple DVD navigation commands along with the source locations of video and audio files and performs all of the tasks required to format those files for DVD playback. Available as a set of C++ libraries, AuthorScript can be compiled into virtually any application.