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Integrating AuthorScript®
The AuthorScript libraries are self-contained so that calls to the libraries can be seamless within an application. Our partners have found that the AuthorScript libraries can be integrated into their application in about two engineer-weeks, including testing time.

The easiest way to implement AuthorScript within an application is by providing a "Publish as DVD" feature. This is a menu option directly within the application that translates an Edit List or Video Timeline into a DVD title without any menus, chapters, or other elaborate DVD navigation features. While this requires very little development effort, the end result may be as basic as a linear DVD title that plays like a laserdisc or videotape from start to end.

For developers seeking more control over the interactive features of DVD, the application needs to support some DVD related UI development, which could include menu design, chapter point definition, navigation control, multi-angle video, multiple audio stream support, and subtitle support.