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Whether you're a first-time user or an expert at disc recording, RecordNow MAX gives you all the audio and data, CD and DVD recording tools you need. RecordNow MAX provides predictable results, creating reliable music and data CDs or DVDs the first time. Unlimited MP3 ripping using world-class encoder technology completes the feature list.
Drive Letter Access (DLA) allows you to quickly and easily create data discs. Using DLA,
you can read and write files directly to your CD or DVD disc like you would to a floppy
diskette or hard drive.

Drag and Drop: Allows you to save files and folders to your recorder drive using My
Computer or Windows Explorer

Send To: Uses the Send To command to save files and folders.
Save As: Uses the Save As command in most software applications to save active files.
EasyWrite: Supports EasyWrite technology, which provides a more satisfactory user experience through background formatting of discs and defect management.
Making discs compatible with CD-ROM drives: Makes CD-R discs readable by virtually
any CD-ROM drive.

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